Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Ok... they forgot about us again... re: chaos dwarves/dwarfs?

A new age... An Age Of Sigmar!
Yet again us poor people with a love for evil stunty types have been left without an army list/warscroll selection... luckily due to the simplicity of game shouldn'nt be too hard to bodge together bits of the dwarf and chaos stuff to come up with a workable list...
You'd just think, that having made a batch of them in recent times via forgeworld, they'd have thought to give them a list too... hey ho! off to homebrewing I go...
(+ I may actually have enjoyed the two games I've had so far of AoS, still going to keep playing 8th ed too, I like them both for the different things they are)

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

failed personal challenge... and no game... but roleplay was good

well, I failed my paint challenge due to a combo of illness, and discovering that the necron doomsday ark is a nightmare to put together ( I ended up leaving some bits off, partly as they covered some details that I liked, partly becasue I feel it would have made it look more like a sportscar inspired weapon of death than an alien machine inspired by egyptian boats and partly because I was getting fed up of having to undercoat/paint bits before gluing them together)
I ended up an hour late to my friends, where me and another had aimed to be playing, so had to put off game to possibly next weekend, maybe one after.. but hey, he got me to get on with the army I've been collecting for a few years, all sat paint stripped and/or, unbuilt. with some newer models gifted as part of someones clear out.
but hey! atleast the majority of them are now with paint on them! even if incomplete!
I'll post pics once completed, they are a funky mix of older metals and new plastics... I even discovered I own my first finecast miniature, though it was put together by previous owner and for some reason missing part of its gauntlet, I can have Imhotekh the stormlord leading the force.
still trying to get a good bid on a monolith, though that'll have to wait awhile as I owe money to people...
roleplay on the saturday, our motley crew of ne'er do wells blocked a pass as part of a campaign against some banite zhentarim under the command of one of the manshuns? manchoons? (spelling is probably wrong) this faerun our gm is running is a very different landscape to the one in the books =)

our boss, currently having the form of a balor (think balrog from middle earth) threatening the orc, goblin and bugbears guarding the pass to join us or die, followed by my gob-gnomes moving towards them shaking a fist and going "niaurgh!" in some sort of provocative act of aggression was followed by a mad explosion of charging, shouting, clashes of weapons, spells and flames... at some point I managed to stab a troll before it was killed by another...
was a crazy session. I'm just amused that pretty much all I managed was to shake a fist and get one hit in...

Of my groups roleplay on the mondays... I may start typing that up as its own thing, its been fun... had a close call this week with my cleric getting jumped on by goblins. one of them being a literal it jumped on me.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Some Tyranids nearly finished, and a Necron Challenge.

A few days ago I managed to get a number of my tyranids pretty much finished.
(I'm basing the army once they are all painted)
This Saturday I hope to be playing my friend Carl as he knew I had a necron army and wanted to try playing against one (i'm assuming with his grey knights). Thing is, I do have a necron army... but its all unpainted, predominantly oldschool, 90's Necrons.
I acquired some of the newer miniatures awhile back from someone getting rids of their stuff.
current discovery of pain, I'm finding some of the cretins a bit fiddly to put together, and having to bodge repair a characters missing fingers with a knife blade (it'll do)
Just waiting until the morning to get the lot spray undercoated, then begin the challenge...
Which is, work out what I can put into 1,500 points, and get it painted to a three colour tabletop standard by saturday. *fingers crossed*

until tomorrow/fridays post on the necrons, heres some pics of the nids.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Bridges! From toy train track to Grimdark future war...

A good while ago I spied some bridges in a local Wilkinsons store. Made for those wooden train tracks I and many may have had in their youth, I saw the blue plastic supports and instantly thought "ooh! I NEED these".
Due to very tight budget of the time I decided against it (even though they are only £1.25 each, priorities still delayed my purchase)
But NOW I have them, and hope to get some buildings made to scale/level up with the bridge platforms.
From start to end photos and short description of procedures =)

First pic is of one bridge dis-assembled (though the screws aren't in shot)
one bridge intact, and the two remnants of old bed slats I had that were the same thickness as the original train track. I also use pva glue and some shorter screws (again, not pictured, I am a bit terrible at this photographing progress thing)

 I used a hacksaw to cut the wood to fit the length of the bridges and use a stanley knife to split a section away lengthwise leaving roughly 50mm width to accommodate 40mm based minis, that may be in odd poses + aid placing/moving miniatures.

Next up is a pic of the pieces put together and compared with the unmodified original.
I had to cut some white plastic tubing to act as a spacer to aid in rescrewing the top and bottom of the bridge together, I also glued the wooden slat platform to the plastic girder sections and used some short screw to replace the longer original screws, as I wasn't drilling the holes into the wood and only needed minimal depth into the wood to aid the solidity of the structure as well as for details sake to fill the hole where the original screw was.

After a touch of Paint =)

And some random shots with minis.

And one to show width and fit for miniatures.

Hoping perhaps to get a game at home soon?

Til then... slowly catching up with the painting of things and need to organise some more games with friends in games group.
Be well, bye for now. =)

Thursday, 9 April 2015

First game of 3rd ed 40k in ages Plague Marines vs Orks

Had a small 500 point 3rd edition game of Warhammer 40,000 on tuesday.

My Nurgle Marines versus a friends Orks. Due to some hideous dice rolling, My blessed of nurgle were rather quickly decorating the battle field as putrid rotty smears...

Played the recon mission, meaning extra points if having your units in enemy deployment.
deployment zones are 18" across each side of board and players place a unit at a time, each time making sure it is 24" atleast, away from any of the previously placed opponent units.

the orks had;
a boss in mega armour,
2 units of boys (one slugga boys, 1 shootas)
1 unit of lootas with 4 needle sniper rifles and 1 missile launcher (he decided on marine scout weapons, I used have a unit of lootas armed devastator style)
and 1 unit of 3 bikes
(I forget the unit sizes for the boys and lootas...)

I had;
a Nurgle sorcerer
2 units of 9 plague marines each having a marine carrying a meltagun and a champion.

I had one unit sort of hiding behind a hill (brave I know!) with the other and the sorcerer ready to walk down the flank to enter his deployment.

his units occupying the centre and far right (to me) of the board.

what followed was 3 turns of failed saves and rolls to hit on my part I took out a biker and 2 boys... one of his took themself out effectively, as a looter misfired his sniper rifle... probably pointing the barrel the wrong way...

the 4th (and early) last turn his boss and mob of slugga boys charged into my then only remain plague marines, them having walked up onto the hill in a previous turn to try and shoot 'something' (probably at the floor...) I took out two boys in the combat, but was floored by the ferocity of a bucnch of hooligan 'ere we go' chanters.

redoing my 500 point list and hoping to have another go this weekend =)

pictured below... the plague marines last stand...

Friday, 27 March 2015

Further scribblings on the Fuzzies rpg setting.

The sacred order of the rubber chicken!
The god of the rubber chicken is a formless entity of humour in all its guises, from the simplest whoopie cushion to slapstick and dark twisted laughings at others violent mishaps.
A common warcry of its priesthood is "wack 'em! wack 'em! wack 'em!"
It's followers mostly try and see the positive side of things, however grim they may be, and try to get a giggle out of the occasion.
They also commonly arm themselves with a fair sized, weighted rubber chicken.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Fuzzies rpg idea - concept sketches

So I had an Idea for an old school gonzo dungeon crawl one off roleplaying game for my gaming group, set in a twisted town sized themepark...
Due to one of members associating 'gonzo' as a famous puppets name, as opposed to the dictionary term.

I ended up redoing the small setting for the game focusing on another world/an alternate earth, one occupied by a race that to us would appear to be sentient puppets called Fuzzies.

These creatures of human-like, through to anthropomorphic and monstrous visages, live in The Big City. Hardly anything bad happens there, and some of the populace grow restless with desires for more adventurous thrills.

Luckily there is a vast, cursed theme park on the city outskirts for such individuals to go risk their lives for fame and glory within the underground community that has grown around the escapades done within the twisted wreck of Fairy Cartoon Theme Park Land.