Tales of Sayari - Of Drunken Ninjas (game one)

Of Drunken Ninjas and Odd Jobs for Freedom

Beginnings? pt I

After waking from a drunken stupor, chained to a wall in a prison cell. A Ninja discovers she seems to have had a hell of a night of partying... and can't quite remember much of where they are, how they got there or who they are...

Whilst in the cell one of the other people in the cell starts having a bit of banter with her, and through them and a short conversation with a large guard through the cell door, she discovers that whilst at a bar in the town someone had knocked her drink over, or out of her hand... which somehow exploded into a brawl that led to her knocking out or otherwise injuring half the towns guard before being overwhelmed and dragged into the jail.

After a short while the guard comes back and asks her to follow him as the head of the guard would like to talk to her.

Upon entering a room filled with weird curios, scrolls and books, she is invited to sit down. The head of the guard asks that the Ninja recovers an artifact for him from the caravan coming through the town later in the day, due to her performance the past night he feels this could be an easy task for her. He describes the artifact in question as being a strange blade, looking like it has a ribcage and with a small shrunken skull for its pommel. It is thought a witch in the caravan is carrying it. if she accepts to do this task, she'll be let free and without charge for her injuries to the town guard.

A servant returns her items to her and she leaves to pass some time before the caravan arrives. Ending up drinking a sweet juice at another bar for a few moments to relax... still not quite sure who she is though...

When the chimes and bells that signify the caravan is coming into town draw near, our amnesia suffering Ninja heads off to the caravan, seeing a man at the front with a sign hiring for caravan security, she goes and talks with him.
He calls for the head caravan handler, who introduces himself as Joresh.
After a brief confusion over her choice of profession (Joresh initially thought she wanted hiring as 'entertainment') but then hearing about her fracas with the town guard, Joresh hires the Ninja for security, and ushers her toward the Owner of the Caravans caravan, to meet him, telling her to say Joresh had sent her.

Climbing into the large caravan, she sees this caravan has very expensive looking carpets, and throws on its frame, with some parted in the roof letting some light in.\
A large man is sat cross legged in the centre of the floor, with three young pretty women on the opposite end lounging on cushions.

The ninja and caravan owner converse, the owner introduces himself as Harad, he then gesticulates towards a dark corner, where an ornate looking glass and brass kettle is steaming away as an old lady he calls Mathilda, makes tea.

After Harad mentions Mathilda is so old, she was old back when his father owned the caravan it seems obvious to the ninja that she, (the old lady) is likely the one rumoured to have the knife. When Mathilda and Harad leave, the ninja quickly looks around the caravan, searching for the skeletal blade. whilst the ladies protest there is nothing to find, (a number of important looking documents that the ninja casually drops around her saying otherwise) as she searches.
The blade not to be found on this caravan, the ninja gets out and is greeted by a relatively well built man with a red triangular badge on the right of his jacket. Introducing himself as Davras, they chit chat a bit and he hands her a jug of rather potent wine leaving her to start her first shift of security.

Going to the back of the caravan, the ninja finds Mathilda arranging various potions and items on a stall and setting up a small tent.
She asks the elderly lady vaguely if she perhaps has an interesting looking knife, Mathilda raises an eyebrow and rambles a little about the nature of her potions. before getting back to her work, leaving the ninja to get back to her duties.

Whilst wandering around she notices Harad and a bunch of his men heading into the city, a couple of new recruits into the security like her, one being a muscular tanned male with a mohican, the other a woman covered up in a cloak.
She notices that the security for the caravan all have the same red triangle Davras has, exempting her and the new recruits...
At some point the wine Davras gave her appears to be too much and she is rudely awakened by the large city guard from the jail, who has come to check on her to see if she is doing the assigned task his master gave and is disappointed to catch her sleeping on the job… he gives a warning that they are keeping their eyes on her and leaves.

After thinking about her situation, and feeling a little scared of the consequences of stealing from an ancient seeming witch, the ninja decides to talk to Mathilda about her original reason for getting hired and show she wants to stay with the caravan a good while.
Going towards the tent where the old lady appears to be reading cards or otherwise telling fortunes, there is a queue.
Deciding to come bak later our friendly alcoholic takes a few more swigs of the potent wine Davras gave her and wanders around until the queue has gone. As she turns to go see Mathilda, the ninja spots Harad return looking a bit displeased and head straight to his caravan.
Crossing through the people buying and looking at the goods the caravan is selling, The ninja arrives at Mathilda's tent, opening a flap to get inside, she walks into the lamplit, incensed space. two small chairs are empty near the table at the other side Mathilda sits, the glow of the lamps reflecting in her greyed hair.
"well, what do you want?" she asks.
The Ninja explains how she was sent by the head of the city guard to acquire the blade so she would be let off for her crimes, but that she had gotten to like the caravan and wanted to stay with the caravan. Mathilda having an eyebrow raised much of this discussion, tells of the dark magics someone must be practicing to have want of the knife… she reaches behind her to a small box on a small bookcase and gives the ninja a red triangle badge, like the ones the other security had. "be with us awhile" she smiles. The ninja retires to a caravan she is told to go rest in and the caravan moves on.