Ok... they forgot about us again... re: chaos dwarves/dwarfs?

A new age... An Age Of Sigmar!
Yet again us poor people with a love for evil stunty types have been left without an army list/warscroll selection... luckily due to the simplicity of game shouldn'nt be too hard to bodge together bits of the dwarf and chaos stuff to come up with a workable list...
You'd just think, that having made a batch of them in recent times via forgeworld, they'd have thought to give them a list too... hey ho! off to homebrewing I go...
(+ I may actually have enjoyed the two games I've had so far of AoS, still going to keep playing 8th ed too, I like them both for the different things they are)


  1. I just found out somewhere that Forgeworld are working on warscrolls for the items that were put out by Warhammer Forge. So you may yet get Chaos Dwarfs.

  2. I have yet to try the game but will pick up a scenario in the RoC books eventually.
    Too bad Chico took the photo for that guy, he seems lovely ! I really like the colour scheme.

    1. lol... its an old pic... I need to take new ones with better lighting and the better ccamera on current phone...

      am looking forward to a lot of rpg style/story type games once I've got the hang of the rules... such as Jonah/Stygianhearts 5 Giants, doing a raid on an out in the sticks empire village/small town, and using whatever local guard, farmers and citizens that are hanging around to try and defend the place.

    2. Remind me to kick you in the Balls Mr Ass hehe ;P

    3. That was an easy one and quite unfair I reckon, quality has been raised greatly some time ago now ;)
      just couldn't help it.

    4. "and thus were the Assless ones balls saved"
      tune in same time next week kids!

    5. Fine I'll only kick one of them then ;) heh

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