Tuesday, 12 November 2013

So... I keep undercoating things...

I may not have actually painted anything... but I have put together the night goblin spider riders, the giant thats been sat on the sprue for the past 3 years I've owned it and under coated the above and almost everything in my goblin army... as well as 45 empire handgunners, 35 empire spearmen, some cannon crew and a couple of old plastic wizards...
so atleast |I've got some prep work done if nothing else?...

I really need to sort some stuff out for ebay too... I own way too many spacemarines that much is for certain!

went over to Leeds earlier for a job interview, ended up picking up a few new chessex speckled dice from Travelling Man, so at least it wasn't a wasted journey =P

peace and hopefully a more interesting update soon!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

been away too long! aaargh stuff!

Finally... making a start on miniature things again... had a couple of small games for the unfortunately failed to kick off escalation league using my chaos dwarfs... but other than that mostly been roleplaying in the vampire requiem in rome game, my mekhet egyptian scribe is doing well, and so far my germanic gangrel 'witch' is still alive, as well as discovering the horror that the 'North Man' can cause...

Anyway, back to miniatures, have just removed my stonehaven miniatures gnomes from
their packing, them being sat in their box since the posty delivered them.
And finally started organising the bits for my nightgoblin spider riders with bows...

 I decided that converting them into a seated pose was more effort than it's worth as I'm mostly just wanting these as a functional army and aren't overly on the extreme bothered about their aesthetics. So am standing them around the area the original forest goblins were, which is going to require shaving down the rear of the robes a little, but nothing too intense.

Really been wanting for the past couple of weeks to be getting on with things, but have had a lot of motivational issues.
current list of hopeful plans in order of priority...
1. PAINT SOMETHING!!! likely a couple of gnomes to get back into things, or perhaps get a couple of eldar done?
2. get the night goblin spider riders put together! possibly get the giant I've had in kit form since purchased ages ago put together and undercoated?
3. get back on with escalation league plans for empire... even if the league doesnt take off. It's a good way to organise units when painting.
4. keep bloody smiling! =D

Hope to post again with some more productive update! smiles and stuff, Jessica.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Oooh! Bits!!! and Stuff!

Have been going through miniatures bits for first time in awhile due to rearranging my flat/apartment, and have found the parts I was using to convert my chaos dwarfs again, so hoping to get on with some of that later this week.

Also thinking for the future of getting some of Mantic games Abyssal Dwarf Half-breeds (link - Abyssal-Dwarf-Halfbreeds) as for £20 you get 10! yes 10! of the evil things! which is good to me as I have found it a pain trying to work out a halfway decent looking conversion for the bull centaurs.

Also the night goblin spider riders I was trying to get on with a looong time ago... I have had parts for ages, just been on off trying to work out an easy conversion that isn't too time consuming or require too much sculpting... I seem to be failing in that so may end up having to cut the bodies in two and scratch build legs, which I really didn't want to have to do out of laziness and not feeling that good on the sculpting front. shall see what happens in future ??

Other than that, missed out on a fair bit of roleplay due to illness, but my re-jigging the Barbarians of lemuria rules into something I find comfortable is coming along nicely =)

pleasant gaming, Jessica.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

On being an idiot and forgetting to take pics + escalation league sort of starting

I would have posted up a brief battle report of my 250pts game, my Chaos Dwarves vs my friend Carls Dwarves... but I only realised I hadn't been documenting it/taking pics, when it got to the last turn...
I managed a win... just.
Chaos Armour... all the cool kids are wearing it...

hopefully get more than one game in before roleplay this week, sort of depends on what times people get to my friends house where we meet.
Still not sure what Jonah is using through this escalation game... but the list as follows (depending on if people turn up/get involved) Is
Me! - Chaos Dwarves,
Carl - Dwarves
Micki - High Elves
Pete - Dark Elves or Wood Elves? (not sure what they decided...)
Craig - Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch
Jonah - ??? (probably, nightgoblins, empire, orcs or chaos... or maybe elves... yeah aka, something...)
Greg - Orcs and Goblins
Dave - Vampire Counts (away on holiday for a few weeks)
James - Lizardmen (also away in is home town, then visiting relatives in canada)
Wayne - Ogre Kingdoms.

So a good number of us, although there is the general competitive HAA! I WON! kind of thing,
we don't seem to have had any plans beyond that for this 'league' of escalation, other than using it as an excuse for a few of us to get some of our armies painted up and completed to a reasonable points bracket, currently going by the 3 colours and based thing (where possible... even in that ruling we are being a bit open)

hopefully I'll get some photos to share this weekend. =)

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

So... YouTube and Facebook... (and warhammer at the weekend)

So, I've taken to starting up a channel on youtube (Jessica Pink - Neon Pink Apokalypse) predominantly focussing on roleplaying, and now have a page on facebook (Neon Pink Apokalypse) where I share both my blogger and youtube content as well as other bloggers and youtubers content and other odds and bobs from around the internet.
During my bouts of activity I hope to provide interesting ideas, show off anything I think is cool I manage to do, and track my progress completing projects and playing games. looking forward to some warhammer this weekend =) probably going to be using my chaos dwarfs as we (me and my games group) restart the escalation league we started awhile back. first points bracket, 250 points =) hope people are having fun gaming =) - Jessica.

Monday, 19 August 2013

DIY Paint Station/Hobby Board.

Yay! Finally got something done to post about. My old board that I use to paint and construct my miniatures on started life as a sort of temporary coffee table/display stand that was made to sit on top of a keyboard (musical, computer) stand. (click on pics to enlarge)

It gets a bit crowded and messy and I wanted something specifically for the task of making and painting things, with a neutral colouring as opposed to the bright pink and silver and black splodges that are on the board above.

My friends Micki and Jonah (his blog over @ meanderingshade) have had the GW paintstations for a few years, I liked the idea of them but found them not wide enough for my liking and too deep (dimensionally, not philosophically) but I liked the idea of a shelf, perhaps higher off the base to have more room for things to go under, without the silly (in my opinion) brush stand and water pot holes.

So a fair number of years the above board has suited me, but to get something more appropriate to the task and that would perhaps feel neater to work at, that I could still just put away on a shelf when finished with I set to making my own!


Main issue I've had in this project, is the inability to locate my tape measures... or my tape for measuring fabric... so (in truly oldschool fashion) I used a piece of string to measure the lengths of certain things, such as the base, which is pretty much the same dimension as my old one.

I did mess this up as I was going on with it, but have managed to bodge it together fairly well thankfully... such as evidenced below, marking out the frame for the board to be screwed and glued to.

As you can see, I cut and glued the short length pieces first, when I should have done the longer width pieces, that were meant to be the main supports... oops...

Also... Due to the wood being these thin slats from an old bed I had to double them up as the screws were too long for a single piece. 

When I picked this up whilst drying, the board bent so much the middle sections popped off. 
They should have run the full length of the base, but as I said, I got the order wrong, only realising at this point, which is why I added the feet to it later, to help give it back some structural strength and also give room for fingers to get under the board to aid in picking it up =)

Marking out the feet.

The one at back came out a 'little' rough... but it does the job!

Again I glued then screwed these in place, positioning them so they joined the gap and secured the structure of the board better, joining the side lengths of the frame to the width pieces.

You can just see the feet here... unfortunately the shot that showed the feet better and didn't have the clutter on top was corrupted somehow, so I have to post this one. =(

Onto the shelf! It took me a week to remember to buy the brackets and some shorter screws, but finally I could complete the project. first getting the sides to the shelf positioned and screw holes marked out, then screwing bracket to each of the side pieces, before screwing them in position on the base board.

Side pieces + brackets

Screwed into position

I forgot to take pics of gluing and screwing on the shelf and the back, but I screwed the first (one nearest base/at the bottom) back piece on, then the shelf itself followed by the rest of the back pieces. I screwed the top back piece into the middle of the shelf too for added support.

I did say it looked rough... but it'll hopefully serve me well =)

And heres how the funky mess looks populated with my soon to be better organised clutter. For a start I'm going to be putting the paints I don't need out back into their tub.

Hopefully be getting back on with things miniatures wise in the coming days, and this weekend if I get over to Micki and Jonah's early enough, be having some pre-roleplaying session warhammer, as we (us and our group) are meant to be starting up our escalation league again... Now to decide... chaos, chaos dwarves or empire?

Happy gaming! yours, Jessica.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Brief Review of Theater of the Mind immersive roleplaying magazine / ezine

Theater of the Mind magazine! (currently two issues available) is a recently started bi-monthly venture initiated by one Alex Guillotte (critical hit publishing on rpgdrivethru and youtube channel - Captain Gothnog

The magazines goal or prime directive is to get more people into immersive roleplaying and have articles about setting the mood and atmosphere, a few short stories, setting nonspecific campaign/scenario ideas and interviews with people from the youtube and gaming community at large.
The first issue starts with something of a respectful remembrance of a gaming friend of the editor who passed on this year.
Following this is an introduction to the magazines manifesto as mentioned previously, it aims to inspire and inform people about immersive role-play predominantly, as well as have interviews, reviews, a few short stories and adventure/encounter ideas.
It is very well laid out and in full colour with some excellent graphics. This first issue kicks off with a couple of articles on immersion and what it is, to get the point driven home to readers who may be unfamiliar to the idea of this particular style of play. 
An excellent article about creating memorable locations, giving them atmosphere and history that you as a gm can utilise to get your players to better see and feel with their minds eye, where they (as their character) are.
A few features of inspiration for creatures and employing secret symbols and gestures. A couple of amusing comic strips and an in depth chat with several key members of the vtmyte vampire the masquerade experiment game.
One of the hopefully regular features that interests me as I have friends with kids, is the feature called 'Small Beginnings' with an adventure written for 1-4 players using the hero kids system, though it would be easy to adapt to any other system.
Again, it is nicely laid out and has some excellent little maps supplied, as well as some pre-generated characters.
Alex Guillotte (the editor) ends the issue with two quick articles, one a quick intro to himself and his partner/co-editor (ending with thanks to the various article contributors), the other, is a cantrip he has created called preserve (he has published several volumes of cantrips for D&D/pathfinder).

The second issue, continues with the quality and format of the first. but adds a theme to the issue (from this point on, each issue is going to have a theme or specific mood it will focus on) this issues theme being, becoming lost. 
relating to the theme are a few articles, Limbo, under the bed, getting lost in a dungeon, taking the rules literally - travel and getting lost, and, lost and loving it. 
The feature for Small beginnings this issue is about violence in childrens games and is a very good read.

follow the links above to get the magazine and click the following link if you are curious to check out the magazines Facebook page.

Happy gaming, smiles and stuff, yours Jessica.

(the image banner at head of this article is by Alex Guillotte and all credit for it goes to him, image used with permission)

Friday, 19 July 2013

I AM ZOMBIE! 11 days to go on kickstarter

So the Great and Glorious Mark Rein-Hagen of White Wolf fame, (Vampire the Masquerade, Werewolf the Apocalypse, Mage the Awakening amongst others) has a new RPG in the works...

He and his company are trying to crowd fund the project via one of the better such sites Kickstarter.
(Link here! -

"The world is poised at the brink of an abyss. The final outbreak is coming. You are a leper, outcast and contagious. YOU ARE ZOMBIE!"

Basically yeah, that is the premise! As a character in this game you are a one in a thousand zombie, one who has retained their consciousness or their soul somehow, and carries the contagion within them.

They are called Toxics, due to the plague within them, and live in the outskirts of civilization. Trying not to draw attention to themselves due to an organisations like the CDC and B.L.E.A.C.H. out there wanting to eradicate them for the disease they contain, and to hide from the rest of the world that such things as zombies are real.

It's an interesting twist on the horror survival genre, the players technically being the stereotypical horror element. The secret organisations being the other (though there are likely more)

Character creation is done using a set of cards, which is interesting, and the game uses pool mechanics typically adding two stats together from whichever card is appropriate and rolling the relevant number of D6, successes being 5+

If this brief ramble of a blog post interests you in the slightest, go check out the kickstarter page which has much more info (in a much more well written manner) and has links to several promo videos! =P

So... 11 Days, 4,500$ to go... every little helps! sally forth and spread the plague!

ALSO!!! they are looking for actors/extras for this project! want to be in a Zombie short movie?
follow the link

Game On! Jessica =)

Sunday, 14 July 2013

2nd session of don't rest your head + update stuff...

Again, I'm only typing up my characters section of the game.
*start scene*
As Danny, I went back to my temporary room failing to sleep as always...
After an hour or so, I heard my sister talking to someone again and there was a lot of quiet giggling, coming from the room she is in next to mine.
Sneaking out of my room, I listen at her door again to find out if I can hear anything... There are many voices of young girls speaking with my sister, and laughing, but I cannot hear what they say... I quickly turn the handle and walk in shouting "what are you doing" as I enter. Just as I enter I see a number of girls standing with my sister by the door I thought I'd imagined. In the darkness of the room I notice all of them look at me in shock before they dive through the open 'other' door and take my sister with them.
I immediately give chase, following straight after them through the strange door. I knew I'd heard something!, and if they think they can take my sister from me they have another thing coming to them...
I get through the door and run after them along the corridor, as we get out into the open again, I notice they are ahead of me, not too far, and they are heading towards a large building... I keep chasing, not bothering to look at my surroundings as I'm focused more on getting my sister back from... who-ever they are...
As I get close to the boundary of the buildings grounds I feel a hand grab a hold of me and pull me aside.
At the same time as I get to see the face of the kindly looking old man, I am already shouting at him "get the fuck off me! I'm trying to get to my sister!" I try to struggle against his grip but he is too strong.
The old man with his grip still firm on me, speaks. "you do not go in there, those are the ladies in hating"... I stare blankly at him.. "what? they've just taken my sister! what the hell are you on about?" he calmly yet quickly responds "I'll help you get her back, but first, we must go elsewhere". "er, where?" I question... again the old man speaks "back to my place for now" "look dude... I'm not into that kind of stuff, I've just ran through a strange door in an orphanage, I need to get back there with my sister cause I don't want anyone to know anything weirds going on, and I don't understand whats going on" "you can't get your sister right now she's been taken by the ladies in hating"
I pause briefly after this last utterance from the man...
"okay, just tell me who the hell they are? so I understand why I can't go there..." I ask in something bordering on desperation.
He matter of factly informs me "They are the students of mother when..." in a confused and questioning tone "what the hell are you on about?" I say. "It's a long story" the man says, then continues "but first, you must come with me" Getting gradually more weirded out by the guy I reply to this latest request "you try anything weird and I know martial arts, don't even think about it" again... calmly he speaks "that's fine, for now, you can call me Grandfather" I interrupt him "erm?" as he continues "everyone does" I ask "do you have a different name?" "I did, but I don't remember it. It's been so long since anyone's used it" almost as though speaking to myself I say "god... it's like one of those guys off the tube" Grandfather, since this is apparently his name starts up again "first we must get the others" "others?" I question wondering what further madness the old guy is going to spout... "yes" he states...
I ask, almost not wanting to know his likely odd response "are these like friends of yours or what?" "not yet, they will be..." at this I groan, then he continues "...just like you will be" In my mind I just push aside the fact that this guy is clearly a nutcase, but if he knows something about why I can't go there, and I'm not liking the intensity that this guys sort of got with his grip and everything. I'm not wanting to get murdered, raped or whatever else by some weird old guy, when I don't even know where I am. I relent to following him where he leads me...
*end session for me*

I really liked this game, but it is on indefinite hiatus as the person Gm'ing it doesn't seem to know where to take the game from here, which is a shame... =(
My other friends pathfinder game which I was playing in as Kendra, a human fighter/adventurer from a gypsy tribe, is also on hiatus after a few weeks of various players being unable to make it and another of our group starting up season two of the vampire game set in rome/carthage and germania around the start of the 1st punic war...
The group has had a couple of sessions of that, which I may start typing up here? Here's the link to the campaign on Obsidian Portal = Obsidian Portal - Vitae et Mortem

I'm also currently still a part of the Vtmyte, youtube vampire game and planning the setting for a world of darkness game I'm wanting to run - Obsidian Portal - The Damned

Aaand on the miniatures front, got various things I want to get back on with, but ALSO a freind has put forward the challenge of creating or purchasing, and painting a figure for each of the eight character classes of the Warhammer 40,000 Dark Heresy roleplaying game. should be fun...

Happy gaming, yours Jessica. =)

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Aaand... No don't rest your head again =(

The gm was distracted, one of the players didn't show up til very much later than it would have made sense to start playing...
Ended up chatting about other stuff of a gaming related nature and i did a teeny bit of work on the homebrew, Rifts, 200AD, Powerpuff Girls inspired post-apocalyptic chibi animals setting I am working on for the Barbarians of Lemuria system... yeah.
An underclass ruled over by a tyrannical dictatorship known as the catacracy, fight back a la Terminator's 'the resisitance'. It's meant to be a light-hearted, action and adventure style game, though bit's of the background seem a bit grim... slavery, torture, experimentation etc...

Ooh! also purchased the Anime style rpg 'Maid' (link to the official website) the character creation is meant to be done by rolling on several progressively bonkers tables, though there is option to just choose... (I like the tables) I haven't checked out the rules system yet, but it is likely easy enough to port it elsewhere if desired and just use character creation tables to come up with the crazy concepts.
Here's the blurb from the site
"You are a maid, having worked dutifully for the Saionji family for several years. You are also a shy albino princess who does odd jobs for the yakuza, and train with the three-section staff. Your peer Maya is an outgoing young maid with freckles, a streak of being greedy for sweets, and who also happens to be a military cyborg.
Your master is a kind teenager who lives in the mansion alone, but is a bit of a train otaku. He is also a cursed werewolf. With amnesia.
Somewhere between doing the laundry and preparing lunch, the master is kidnapped by evil ninjas. They escape through the basement of the mansion, which contains a portal to the Netherworld. It's up to you to get him back before dinnertime.
All in a day's work for a maid!"

I need to catch up on about a months worth of other peoples blog posts soon, before it becomes two months of other peoples blog posts...

Game on! Peace and stuff! Jessica.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

damn it... Re; don't rest your head

Apologies for lack of postings... due to health and other peoples family things the second session of Don't rest your head has been delayed up until (hopefully) tomorrow...

also... ended up getting involved in a project by the youtube rpg and gaming community channel The Gentleman Gamer's Vampire the Masquerade YouTube Experiment.
(currently shortened to VTMYTE)
it has been a bit of fun and madness so far... the guy who started it expected 20-30 people to get involved... so far theres over 200 and more waiting to try and get involved... the admin team is crazily trying to answer all the players queries. there are people involved who've been playing for decades and others who are taking this as their first chance to have a go at roleplaying... its an interesting chaotic mix...
I'd recommend giving it a check out... heres the link to the blog hosting the videos...

hope to randomly type words here again soon!

take care of yourselves!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Don't Rest Your Head - part 01

Just played in my 1st session of the roleplaying game 'Don't Rest Your Head'. I'm still not a 100% with the mechanics/system, but I think I get it enough to play =)

(There may be some minor discrepancies in this, but once I get ahold of the recording of the session I'll edit any errors.)

The following is written from the perspective of my character (Darren Smith - 16 year old gamer, looks after his alcoholic mother and his younger sister)

I had just stopped my mum trying to commit suicide, and as she got taken away by paramedics, me and my sister were taken to a care home for the night, possible for a while depending on what goes on in the morning/next day... at some point in the night I hear chattery noises and my sister talking to someone? in the next room. I sneak out of my room and listen in through the door hearing between the mumbly whispers, her say to her companion "I can't go with you, I'm not allowed" at which point I turn the handle and walk in... to a silent room... the bed is empty, I instinctively check under the bed where she usually hides. not there. I check the wardrobe she isn't there. panicking a little, wondering where she is I notice a small door in the wall. it won't open so I kick at the lock area managing to split the door... shoving the damaged bits to the side I shout "charlie! are in there?" the dank musty darkness echoes my words... a bit scared I leave the room to get a warden or night carer to help me find her, once I find one and tell them charlie is missing, they follow me back to the room whilst telling me the building is locked so she can't have leaved.
when we enter I see that the small door isn't there. the warden asks if I checked under the bed I tell him thats the first place I checked and tell the rest of what happened indicating where the small door was that I looked through, there is no sign it ever was there...
I ask where the door has gone, the warden tells me there aren't any doors like the one I describe on the premises. I apologise feeling confused and stupid and say it must be the stress... can we check the security tapes to see where she went?
The warden leads the way to the security room, we watch the tape. the tape distorts and turns to static... I see shadows move within the static briefly before the tape returns to the normal view. "what happened there?" I ask the warden, who responds quickly with "must have been interference." A few seconds later I appear on screen, sneaking towards the door of the room they've put my sister in, and pausing before opening the door. several moment pass and I re-emerge, fast forwarding to me and the warden entering then both of us leaving again...
I ask if we can keep looking for my sister, and ask again if the care home is definitely locked up at night... to which the warden says yes to both.
Because we didn't see her leave the room on the camera, me and the warden go back to re-check the room charlie was in, as we go he asks if there's any where she might go...
I tell him, she might try and go home... but we didn't see her leave the room and you did say the building is locked up... we near the room charlie was in...
The door is slightly open. upon entering Charlie asks what I'm doing in her room. "where were you! we were looking for you!.. I heard you talking to someone, but when i came to check on you, you'd gone" charlie looks a bit weirdly at me...
I was here all night, I haven't been anywhere?" "you were talking to someone like they were asking you to go somewhere with them? I walked into the room and you weren't here, me and the warden here looked for you and couldn't find you!" "what warden..." at these words I look behind me... there is no one there... shaking my head I tell charlie to go back to bed... I must be stressed out or something... I go back to the room I've been given and lay down...still unable to sleep as I try and figure out what the heck has just happened...

The Game is run by my friend Craig and the other players are Peter, Jonah and Micki... I'll write more about their characters in the next post about this...

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I'd forgotten how bizarrely abstract 3rd ed was

I'd forgotten how bizarrely abstract 3rd ed was...
Awhile ago I promised to have a game of Warhammer 40K with my friends daughters...
Due to some social weirdness and several bouts of illness their way and mine, time passed and it never occurred.
Well last week, one of them (Dagan) brought up the fact that we hadn't had this game, so organised to play her on thursday.

Due to me not playing it in ages and her not really playing before, Jonah [Meandering Shade] helped with setting things up (I was going to just set up 24" away from each other roll to see who went first, and play to wipe out the opponent. he reminded me of the books missions and the standard bieng cleanse and purge) and whilst he was doing other things me and him discussed rules and mechanics that we had forgotten.

The fact that in 3rd ed there was no running (exempting eldar and maybe some tyranids?) was a bit of a nuisance, not so much for me, but for Dagan. I was using 10 marines led by a veteran sergeant with power sword and two marines swapped bolters for 1 plasma gun and 1 missile launcher. she alternated between games with twenty slugga boys with two replacing weapons with big shootas, and then swapping out four orks for two nobs with big choppas and dropping the bigshootas (we are aware this put the ork units to 'illegal' unit size but it was a 200 point practice game essentially. we had several games (unsure of how many) with only slightly more wins my way... power armour is insane without its armour save modified (all hail 2nd ed!)

so no armour modifiers... just ap value, some armies not having many high (low?) ap destroying weapons, no running (at least in the black codex in the rulebook, I'm sure the eldar and tyranids got an ability to move in the assault phase added in in the codexes/codices), no overwatch and the re-introduction of psychic powers as simple mechanics (mainly ranged attacks and re-rolls) without the card mechanics of dark millenium.

Going to have a look at what other force lists and forces I can bash together.
(I need another excuse to get on with things as games of warhammer have lessened again... more focus on roleplay and me turning up later to my freinds most of time on our saturday group meet ups)

3rd edition 40k may be akin to a gridless boardgame... but screw it, I still love the odd game of snakes and ladders!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Getting back into pathfinder! and awaiting Nightgoblins!

Arabella Bloodwillow - Painted and Converted by Me
Static Grass Application and Photography by Jonah @ Meandering Shade

 YES! It's been awhile, but it looks like my gaming group are getting back to the Beyond The Wardwall story my friend Jonah is running! [Link to the Beyond the Wardwall page on Obsidian Portal]
I get to continue my role as Arabella Bloodwillow =)

Arabella wears a wooden mask that has large iron spikes embedded upon its surface when fighting. when out travelling or exploring, she wears this mask on her head like a cap, ready to tip it forward over her face as she reaches for her flail, when trouble bears itself in her direction.
When not covered in goblin blood and looking like an evil psychopath, she is actually a rather caring and friendly person, who likes to keep busy and indulge in partying and drinking when not working, exploring or sleeping. loves listening to new stories…
(more about her and the other characters in the characters section of the Beyond the Wardwall page linked above)

She is fresh to adventuring, previously working with her sisters as guards for merchants and traders between nearby towns and villages to her home town. She grew up in her families tavern hearing the stories and tales of dragons and mazes full of riches from passing adventurers, which inspired her to take up such a life herself. She has learnt on this, her first outing far beyond where she has been before, that adventuring is much nastier, dirtier work than the stories led her to believe... So far she has been chased across the moors by a large group of goblins and several goblin dogs that had barricaded the road, had the ruined stairs of an ancient stone building collapse under her (saving her from the goblin dogs), crawled through tiny dirt passages into an underground cave, nearly falling to her death into a deep underground lake... been scared witless by ghostly noises and thrown pebbles which turned out to be mites... walked a good few miles across fields and roads caked in mud and mite blood to get to the town where she met a few fellow adventurers, who she followed to a town called missing mile that scared her terribly due to it's washed out grey-ness (it's a gnome thing) and most recently survived/fled an invasion of goblins and trolls in the town she was in, and is currently sat on a wall at a farm stead amidst a sea of bodies having met up with her fellow adventurers again... the reality that adventuring doesn't seem to be all about gold, monster slaying and fame is beginning to sink in to the poor traumatised thing... and it's about to get uglier and darker from this point apparently... =(
Really looking forward to it, as traumatic as it may be.

On the wargaming front. I have on order a box of nightgoblins to convert into spider riders with bows, squig herders and some to use as netters...
hopefully they'll arrive this coming weekend and then next week I can get on with cutting and positioning things to see what, if anything, needs making from scratch for the little guys to sit upon the spiders?

Until then... Some pics of work in progress chaos warriors and sorcerer =)

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Youtube RPG Brigade...

So, I after watching a video about the 'Youtube RPG Brigade' by the Gentleman Gamer, Duir Bran and Andre C Martinez (video below) I hunted out the facebook group and joined as a way of seeing what others are upto and maybe getting/sharing/commenting on new ideas and tips about GM'ing and playing in rpg's. I have played and ran them on and off since my early teens, but very recently have focussed more on wargaming. (hence the lack of posts relating to such and lots of random miniatures/wargaming posts instead)
I am hoping that following more people on youtube and joining the facebook group helps re-ignite the spark for enjoying such things that I had, before some social situation, sort of killed things off, thankfully this seems somewhat resolved, only time will tell.

I aren't likely to post videos on youtube pertaining to roleplay or any other topic where I would be sat talking to a camera anytime soon (doing music is enough for me at moment and I have a bit of a dislike for my speaking voice, not that my 'singing?' one is much better =P) but am likely to start writing bit's here and there in between the wargaming and miniatures posts about roleplay ideas, opinions and maybe short recaps of stories that I've ran or excerpts from my characters view of games I have been in.

Anyway, link to the facebook group and the video below.

Youtube RPG Brigade Facebook Group

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Spider Rider issues...

Soo... about the goblin army. 
I thought I was a few models to paint away from having a basecoated 600 pts patrol complete... a couple of archers, 6 fanatics and ten spider riders with BOWS... it was when I picked the riders out of the box that I realised that, "oh yeah... they come with spears... I should go buy one of the multi-part kits so I can arm a unit with bows, and add the ones with spears later"
After a brief chat with my friend Jonah ( and a hunt around the net I discovered, the box set just allows you to pose the spider legs and some of the spearmens arms... although! Wow! there is a bow and quiver (yes, just the one) in the set as an accessory...
Jonah Apparently converted his using spare bows from the nightgoblin unit boxset.
I had been considering getting this to get the netters and convert some squig herders from, as well as add to my bits box. It now seems I have a better excuse to get one now, to sort out my spider riders.
The thing is I am now considering for the ease of conversion, to just try replace the forest goblins with nightgoblins as my army is predominantly nightgoblin orientated so would help them fit thematically, as well the fact that I don't fancy having to carve off the moulded on shield arms and arms holding the spears of the forest goblins to sculpt on new arms and patch up the torso, when just mounting ten nightgoblins would be far easier, just meddling with the legs, or sculpting the lower half of the goblin in a sat pose. robes with feet poking out the bottom being much easier to sculpt than arms!
Watch this space for whenever I can get on with it, at least it's given me another conversion project to blog about in the near future.
*le sigh*
Here's the rough out of the list I am wanting to use with the spider riders as well as the 2nd part of the force I am working on (I like making small armies as a project goal, that I can then merge into larger forces at a later date once they are all complete)

Hunting Party - 600 pts
2x night goblin shamans = 100

20 night goblin archers inc full command = 165
3 night goblin fanatics

20 night goblin archers inc full command = 165
3 night goblin fanatics

10 forest goblin spider riders with bows and full command =170

Marching Horde - 600 pts
1 x night goblin hero + light armour and shield = 34

1 x night goblin shaman = 50

57 night goblin spearmen horde inc full command = 276
3 night goblin fanatics

15 night goblin archers inc full command = 150
3 night goblin fanatics

2 x stone trolls = 90

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Update, Been A Bit Busy. Nothing amasing to report.

Hello! have been a bit busy on the jobhunt/trying to get voluntary work front and getting back into music production again recently.

Over the past few weeks I have managed to procure the Empire army book finally, so I can start to sort out the various bits I have been on and off collecting for the past few years. I worked out so far just over 3000 points of troops! (I really didn't know how much I had... and this is with only using characters at hero level, not lord level, and without magic items)

Started painting base colours on more goblins and the pikachu grots. On the note of painting... digging out the empire troops I had forgotten one of my biggest mistakes... Lesson of the day... using plastikote glossy black spray paint is not a good substitute for gw or army painter spraypaint... It worked out for my 4th ed tyranids and some dark eldar that I wanted glossy... but when sprayed too closely in a rush on empire troops, it looks a bit odd and means that most of my empire hand gunners and spearmen are going to be a wee bit devoid of some details... thankfully none of my characters were sprayed back then (this was 3-4 years ago that they were sprayed...)

Hopefully I'll have something interesting to post soon?

all the best to any readers with their own hobby stuff. Yours, Jess.