Brief Review of Theater of the Mind immersive roleplaying magazine / ezine

Theater of the Mind magazine! (currently two issues available) is a recently started bi-monthly venture initiated by one Alex Guillotte (critical hit publishing on rpgdrivethru and youtube channel - Captain Gothnog

The magazines goal or prime directive is to get more people into immersive roleplaying and have articles about setting the mood and atmosphere, a few short stories, setting nonspecific campaign/scenario ideas and interviews with people from the youtube and gaming community at large.
The first issue starts with something of a respectful remembrance of a gaming friend of the editor who passed on this year.
Following this is an introduction to the magazines manifesto as mentioned previously, it aims to inspire and inform people about immersive role-play predominantly, as well as have interviews, reviews, a few short stories and adventure/encounter ideas.
It is very well laid out and in full colour with some excellent graphics. This first issue kicks off with a couple of articles on immersion and what it is, to get the point driven home to readers who may be unfamiliar to the idea of this particular style of play. 
An excellent article about creating memorable locations, giving them atmosphere and history that you as a gm can utilise to get your players to better see and feel with their minds eye, where they (as their character) are.
A few features of inspiration for creatures and employing secret symbols and gestures. A couple of amusing comic strips and an in depth chat with several key members of the vtmyte vampire the masquerade experiment game.
One of the hopefully regular features that interests me as I have friends with kids, is the feature called 'Small Beginnings' with an adventure written for 1-4 players using the hero kids system, though it would be easy to adapt to any other system.
Again, it is nicely laid out and has some excellent little maps supplied, as well as some pre-generated characters.
Alex Guillotte (the editor) ends the issue with two quick articles, one a quick intro to himself and his partner/co-editor (ending with thanks to the various article contributors), the other, is a cantrip he has created called preserve (he has published several volumes of cantrips for D&D/pathfinder).

The second issue, continues with the quality and format of the first. but adds a theme to the issue (from this point on, each issue is going to have a theme or specific mood it will focus on) this issues theme being, becoming lost. 
relating to the theme are a few articles, Limbo, under the bed, getting lost in a dungeon, taking the rules literally - travel and getting lost, and, lost and loving it. 
The feature for Small beginnings this issue is about violence in childrens games and is a very good read.

follow the links above to get the magazine and click the following link if you are curious to check out the magazines Facebook page.

Happy gaming, smiles and stuff, yours Jessica.

(the image banner at head of this article is by Alex Guillotte and all credit for it goes to him, image used with permission)


  1. A second issue is out? Must check it out.

    1. I'm looking forward to the halloween issue =)


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