Monday, 28 April 2014

gah... *flails* not so much burn out...

... as much as 'aaargh life stuff!"
Have wanted to get on with several projects but just not felt up to much, so my eldar languish for yet another touch of the brush... Over the past week I've managed to undercoat and rebase a terminator Librarian (and paint enchanted blue on the shoulder pads!!!) and paint the armour and gun red + blackwash a mantic deadzone orc...
As is sometimes said in step aerobics classes "feel the burn!" wish I bloody could... flat is freezing...

A random photo of the aforementioned cretins... Here's hoping from tomorrow evening some sense of productivity re-emerges!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Stuntie Week - ending of days, time units 6/7

So, not taken photos of my few classic chaos dwarves yet. but met my main goal, 10 new chaos dwarf blunderbusseers, converted (minute work it may be) and painted up, heck even did a little touching up and started basing the previously done ten, so thats 20 at a decent tabletop level and with first layer of basing done... even if basing = painting the texture paint astrogranite grey on them... will drybrush/highlight it soon enough...
sooo, photos of how they've finished off (as saturday i was ill and nought got done)

(click to enlarge image)
close up of finished job

And how they look with the rest of the unit

Well, feeling kind of smily now they're done (to this stage) but miffed that I've run out of the beastman horns I was using, so cannot finish up converting more warriors yet... (there is a seller of just those bits in america definitely, but for the sake of shiping costs think I'll have a look around british bits suppliers...)
not sure when they'll see table as I'm focussing (ha!) more on my empire for fantasy stuff at moment. but have learnt that setting goals to a deadline may be the way to go get things done, plus give more reason to do blog posts documenting progress... 

To Chico, who set this challenge of stuntie week (and likely other such things in the coming weeks) thank you for setting such a simple, yet cool idea in motion (the random challenges) I hope to join in on more of them =)
Link to Chico's Blog - Oldhammer On A Budget

for now, ciao!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Mantic Dwarfs - Giant Feckin' Badgers!!!

I currently have no 'use' for these (but they are cool/cute!) DWARFS RIDING GIANT BADGERS!!!

Stuntie week day 4/5

well, maybe by sunday they'll be reasonably done... not sure if i'm going to get anything done on them on saturday as I'm hoping to be out at a freinds for gaming/catching up on things =)

again, really slow going for some reason... but hey its getting them done!
So heres the two pics of what I've been up to these last two days =)

Also discovered I've not currently got enough horns left over to convert more warriors to chaos, may have to try checking ebay and bits shops =(

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Stuntie Week Day 3 more slow progress...

Like the turtle, steady wins the (non existent) race?

so lessons learnt from the first batch of blunderbus armed conversions... as said in last post, I shortened the barrel before adding the blunderbus barrel-end.

yay for ranking up =)

next up, horns...

(stupid life stuff interupting... I was hoping to have more done by now)
ah well, at least I'm getting things done =)

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Stuntie Week, part deux... actually doing something =P

So the converting begins!
After my lesson learnt from my first skull pass dwarf conversions, that the blunderbus unit doesn't rank up too well. I am shortening the barrels of the rifles before adding the greenstuff to make the cone/fluted barrel end? (you may gather I lack some knowledge of firearms)
A bit of a weak 2nd day too. but I managed to get the following cutting/before and afters done.

 before the de-horning.

and then minus horns + shortened barrel
9 more for the unit =) once greenstuffed and painted anyway...

Monday, 7 April 2014

Stuntie week... pt 1 the weak beginning

So, I am going to try and join in on Stuntie Week, a challenge for the week suggested by Chico on his blog (link to article )

Was a bit ill this day and distracted by music meddlings and house cleaning.
but atleast have pics of what I have so far (minus the hellcannon-like conversion, I'll photo that if I get the crew/wardens finished?) hoping by end of week to photo whats left of my classic big hat chaos dwarfs. I made them into a war band for a song of blades and heroes though that game has hardly been played round here, it was fun, and also aiming to convert at least 9-10 more blunderbusses, and if possible a few more warriors...

random assortment of close up pics below... (click to enlarge)

Friday, 4 April 2014

from the ancient dusts of time! an old conversion!

Whilst going through my boxes of miniatures and random bits boxes, I occasionally make little discoveries and randomly thought I'd make it a 'thing' every now and then to post random pics of my oldest miniatures, conversions and other oddities, probably shortly after rediscovering them.

First up, this Todd McFarlane's Spawn inspired conversion.
(click on pics to enlargen)

This was created I think, somewhere between 97 and 99
Back from my youthful days when I was still in school...

..and has survived quite well all things considered.

The cape is a very early attempt at using milliput
(oh look at those lovely fingerprints, though I can't say i've improved much...)

I don't think I intended to use it in games, and it may be my first unintentional diorama
definitely a first scenic base. (featuring bits from the 90's plastic skeleton kit, one of the first plastic
chaos space marine legs and may have been on the cut off base from the warhammer quest
bats glued on top of the round base?...)

One of the things I did after retrieving it from its tomb in a bits box, was to paint the base edge
black. I never liked the 'paint the edges a darker shade of/or same colour as the top' thing and after doing so on my first miniatures when I was taught how to paint, decided to stop when I started doing my own thing. I prefer a black edge, for some reason I feel it makes a miniature look more like a display piece than a game token.

The other thing I did was to replace the missing left hand with a plastic catachan hand... 
I need to redo the paint job to match though, the newer coats on the hand don't match the older paint at the minute... bit too much yellow in the mix?

The head is one of the old plastic skeleton heads, the base figure is an Eversor assassin,
and the chains are from Kharn the Betrayer.

It's been a fun discovery... I am looking forward to locating some of the other few creations that have survived the years (and maybe neatening them up a little before taking pics, or perhaps doing before and after shots?)

Until next time, peace and happy gaming =)

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Yay! its been a fair bit coming... I intended on posting the pics as I did the work, but as mentioned earlier, life stuff... so am now posting chronologically a set of pics of my first scratch built sculpt, I am starting to work on (continuing when more empire is done) my chaos warrior nurgle army, so with the intention of sculpting a few Daemon princes to stay within my poor budget I bought some milliput, found out the required base size and set to work. Initially using a couple of empty paint pots as filler for the great creatures... but as soon as I started, I realised it would end up in my opinion being too big... so I thought sod it, greater daemon time... and taking inspiration from my favourite classic greater daemons of nurgle as well as the current sculpts went with my imagination on the fly...

(click on pics to enlargen)

The two empty pots of paint...
(yes, inside inside this things belly is a used pot of dark angels green =P )

Body and belly-maw taking shape =P
Initial 'trench' for the revealed spine
This Pic is of the original head and arms...
I discovered a few days later when I got more putty to make the hands with,
that I hadn't mixed it right or it had gone off...
So this is the start of the replacement bits and continuing sculpt
(close up of the double eye)
The new head and arms

Rear view

I am unfortunately missing a few shots as my laptop hard drive packed in.

*edit* discovered this on my facebook page
Size comparison with power armoured Marneus Calgar

(yes staff is a twig, and it is real chain, glued stiff later, below)

Here's it undercoated in all its beastly glory =)

I discovered when I started painting some washes that the vallejo foundation white, started to bubble
up and rub off a bit... I think for future sculpts I'll spray prime before using standard acrylics etc...

so a 2nd thick coat of vallejo foundation white mixed with khaki grey and GWs bronzed flesh
 led to this
And the first layers of washes =)

and as it currently stands

So yeah, been a little busy, and looking forward to slowly finishing this things paint job.

hope to update this blog again soon, til then, happy gaming =)

Youtube, Blogger and Facebook... A return...

SOOO! illness, social madness and family things... and sometimes gaming... but I have returned! =P

I will post to no apparent schedule, but am generally more active on facebook, both on my page of mixed gaming things (link - Neon Pink Apokalypse) and on the Youtube RPG Brigade page (link - Youtube RPG Brigade)

Hoping get into making a dungeon level to add to Tim Harpers Mega Dungeon RPG Community Project (the previous link takes you to his blogpost on the idea) it sounds fun =) shall post here and on my youtube about this if I get it done soon. (link to channel - Neon Pink Apokalypse)

as I last stated have been slowly getting on with the empire (will add a couple of photos below) but the goblins have been put on hold, and am instead painting up a few small forces of eldar for 2nd edition warhammer 40,000 and slowly getting on with the mantic ork marauders I was given for christmas by a freind to join in on deadzone with at some point...

The post following this will be a start to current state of painting of my first scratchbuilt miniature =)

Anyway, with a mind to these being painted only to a basic, rough tabletop standard, here be my painted empire so far (includes some half done ones, the flash appears to have wiped out the griminess off the black/brown wash I used though...)

A bit rough, but thankfully table worthy and rescued as best as I could from my bout of mad gloss black spraying... peace and good gaming to all. =)