Stuntie week... pt 1 the weak beginning

So, I am going to try and join in on Stuntie Week, a challenge for the week suggested by Chico on his blog (link to article )

Was a bit ill this day and distracted by music meddlings and house cleaning.
but atleast have pics of what I have so far (minus the hellcannon-like conversion, I'll photo that if I get the crew/wardens finished?) hoping by end of week to photo whats left of my classic big hat chaos dwarfs. I made them into a war band for a song of blades and heroes though that game has hardly been played round here, it was fun, and also aiming to convert at least 9-10 more blunderbusses, and if possible a few more warriors...

random assortment of close up pics below... (click to enlarge)


  1. Good job on those conversions, the BfSP Dwarfs do make good Evil stunties :)

    1. thank you. I need to get the 8th edition pdf that's out there, as I only used them around the crossover of 7th to 8th warhammer.

    2. meant to add, so I can work out what I have points wise... and see what I could add in next...


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