from the ancient dusts of time! an old conversion!

Whilst going through my boxes of miniatures and random bits boxes, I occasionally make little discoveries and randomly thought I'd make it a 'thing' every now and then to post random pics of my oldest miniatures, conversions and other oddities, probably shortly after rediscovering them.

First up, this Todd McFarlane's Spawn inspired conversion.
(click on pics to enlargen)

This was created I think, somewhere between 97 and 99
Back from my youthful days when I was still in school...

..and has survived quite well all things considered.

The cape is a very early attempt at using milliput
(oh look at those lovely fingerprints, though I can't say i've improved much...)

I don't think I intended to use it in games, and it may be my first unintentional diorama
definitely a first scenic base. (featuring bits from the 90's plastic skeleton kit, one of the first plastic
chaos space marine legs and may have been on the cut off base from the warhammer quest
bats glued on top of the round base?...)

One of the things I did after retrieving it from its tomb in a bits box, was to paint the base edge
black. I never liked the 'paint the edges a darker shade of/or same colour as the top' thing and after doing so on my first miniatures when I was taught how to paint, decided to stop when I started doing my own thing. I prefer a black edge, for some reason I feel it makes a miniature look more like a display piece than a game token.

The other thing I did was to replace the missing left hand with a plastic catachan hand... 
I need to redo the paint job to match though, the newer coats on the hand don't match the older paint at the minute... bit too much yellow in the mix?

The head is one of the old plastic skeleton heads, the base figure is an Eversor assassin,
and the chains are from Kharn the Betrayer.

It's been a fun discovery... I am looking forward to locating some of the other few creations that have survived the years (and maybe neatening them up a little before taking pics, or perhaps doing before and after shots?)

Until next time, peace and happy gaming =)


  1. Blimey... That's a blast from the past!

    1. got a few others around here somewhere... going to make a project redoing the half converted callidus I found from same era... not sure where I was going with it... but I think I may use it as basis for a black codex imperial assassin... gotta have a powerfist on it =P

    2. or poweraxe?... gah... shall figure it out later!

    3. You could probably run the Spawn figure as an Imperial assassin!

    4. true... would likely be a lot of 'counts as' choices for the chains/powers, and likely combat drugs or a jumppack?


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