Friday, 11 April 2014

Stuntie week day 4/5

well, maybe by sunday they'll be reasonably done... not sure if i'm going to get anything done on them on saturday as I'm hoping to be out at a freinds for gaming/catching up on things =)

again, really slow going for some reason... but hey its getting them done!
So heres the two pics of what I've been up to these last two days =)

Also discovered I've not currently got enough horns left over to convert more warriors to chaos, may have to try checking ebay and bits shops =(


  1. You could always bring them when you come around to my place. Maybe we can keep each other focused in the chaos of our gaming group.

    1. I would have had a go at bringing them, alas stupid health stuff. hoping to see what you manage to get done when you post.

  2. Getting there nicely, it's not about how quick you do them but rather the act of having progress which is key to the Challene weeks

    1. hi! "but rather the act of having progress" this has been taken note of. I'm thinking of from now on instead of sitting down and mulling/procrastinating over what to get on with, of perhaps setting myself little challenges or personal goals. it seems to work. =)


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