Yay! its been a fair bit coming... I intended on posting the pics as I did the work, but as mentioned earlier, life stuff... so am now posting chronologically a set of pics of my first scratch built sculpt, I am starting to work on (continuing when more empire is done) my chaos warrior nurgle army, so with the intention of sculpting a few Daemon princes to stay within my poor budget I bought some milliput, found out the required base size and set to work. Initially using a couple of empty paint pots as filler for the great creatures... but as soon as I started, I realised it would end up in my opinion being too big... so I thought sod it, greater daemon time... and taking inspiration from my favourite classic greater daemons of nurgle as well as the current sculpts went with my imagination on the fly...

(click on pics to enlargen)

The two empty pots of paint...
(yes, inside inside this things belly is a used pot of dark angels green =P )

Body and belly-maw taking shape =P
Initial 'trench' for the revealed spine
This Pic is of the original head and arms...
I discovered a few days later when I got more putty to make the hands with,
that I hadn't mixed it right or it had gone off...
So this is the start of the replacement bits and continuing sculpt
(close up of the double eye)
The new head and arms

Rear view

I am unfortunately missing a few shots as my laptop hard drive packed in.

*edit* discovered this on my facebook page
Size comparison with power armoured Marneus Calgar

(yes staff is a twig, and it is real chain, glued stiff later, below)

Here's it undercoated in all its beastly glory =)

I discovered when I started painting some washes that the vallejo foundation white, started to bubble
up and rub off a bit... I think for future sculpts I'll spray prime before using standard acrylics etc...

so a 2nd thick coat of vallejo foundation white mixed with khaki grey and GWs bronzed flesh
 led to this
And the first layers of washes =)

and as it currently stands

So yeah, been a little busy, and looking forward to slowly finishing this things paint job.

hope to update this blog again soon, til then, happy gaming =)