Tuesday, 30 December 2014

End of 2014 (and 2 days of nurgle stuffs)

It's a not great pic... (none of them are, but I felt a need to document it, will hope to get better pic taken soon.) but yay! (bad) tabletop standard painted Nurgle force!

All year have been trying to get different projects complete but with shifting focus and bouts of complete motivational lack (health and stuff) have kinda struggled.

I got the vast majority of my empire done (all but one unit of foot-troops and some warmachines in a 3000-ish point army) and got started on my eldar (finally) as well as a couple of warbands for a song of blades and heroes and a random necromunda gang, so not bad, I just could have done better.

But yeah! I completed one thing over these past two days (admittedly to a shoddy tabletop standard) my Nurgle army! these miniatures are a combination of minis a friend (Jonah/Stygianheart @ ) gave me, as he'd converted them up possibly five or more years ago and only dry brushed upto white on the ones he'd done, whilst 6 of the unconverted plague marines, the 2 characters, terminators and dreadnought, I added from random ebay lots this year and from my acquiring the marines from the last edition (or previous to last) of 40k (black reach?) about 3 years ago and had started converting them to chaos.
If my games group end up picking up on 40k again I am likely to dig these out and finish up/neaten the paintjobs then.

I still have a random bunch of conversions and bad paintjobs from previous chaos armies, still lurking in boxes and hope to get a khorne force put together at some point in time... much like a mirror to my warhammer fantasy really, as I have a half done nurgle army for that and miniatures laying about to put together a khorne force too. (all miniature hobbyists seems to end up with too many projects to finish, especially after over 15+ years hoarding...)

anyway a few more not great pictures to close post with will follow, and if you read this in time, have a happy new years eve celebrating the incoming of 2015, and may your new year be excellent to you!
 - Jess =)

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Dreameaters - modelling otherworldy shadow creatures.

About 2-3 years ago, me and one of my gaming friends started meddling with a couple of small skirmish games, one of the more fun and easy to pick up, as well as create your own units for was/is 'A Song of Blades and Heroes' I made lists for several groups of miniatures I owned but couldnt find gaming use of anywhere else. As is the case I never finished painting/converting/scratchbuilding everything I was desiring to use.
In addition to that still unfinished number of models (though I keep getting through a few more every now and again) I also had the idea of attempting to sculpt/kitbash some creatures from a setting idea I was working on for roleplaying with the world of darkness chronicle I had been working on (which I also am finally running recently)

Dreameater - old original digital scribble
to show concept of scary needle toothed quadrupedal nasty

They live in a realm outside of ours, but connected somehow? I'll type up the notes I have on them after random showy offy photos of start to now, though a couple of stages are missing due to the time they were started (I built the legs about 2 years ago, greenstuff molded around a paperclip skeleton)

This is the beginning of their being finished.
The black being the already undercoated legs, the fresh green stuff being the start of the mouth/head.

From the images I knew it would be hard for me to try and sculpt the crazy thin long teeth of the creatures, so like with my nurgle greater daemon sculpt (I will finish painting it... hopefully get to it again soon) how I used the pin bit of push pins for its teeth, I was going to use sewing needles to make the teeth for these cuties =)... but although I easily owned enough needles it seemed a waste and would be a lot of hassle.
So having looked at molds and other things a good while ago, I had the idea to try out making a pressmold for the first time, then I could also re-use it on incase I need pointy teeth for any other future meddlings.

I grabbed a bunch of different needle sizes and rolled out some greenstuff, laying the sewing needles in slightly random lengths in relation to each other and rolling them flush to the surface of the mold to create the relief... also using a skeleton model I made an impression of the skull to possibly use for basing decoration in the future.
I left the items pressed into the greenstuff overnight as shown below.

I appear to have skipped taking photos of the resultant 'casts' ? I made.
But basically after removing the originals, needles and skelly from the mold.
I did a light brushing of vaseline into the impression left by the items, and pressed a small amount of freshly mixed greenstuff into the different sides of the teeth (needle) imprints, left it a couple of minutes before peeling it off, flattening the cast a little as it curled when I peeled it out/off.
then leaving to oneside to cure whilst using up the greenstuff I'd mixed.
(I ended up with 9 pairs of teeth and seven skulls)

Once dry, I then cut the teeth to fit the jaw shapes of the creatures.
and glued them in place using superglue, filling in any gaps and adding in a gumline using some liquid greenstuff.

... It is also after putting this one together I remembered an issue I had with my nurgle daemon and didnt want to have to deal with again... so allthough using several washes of watered down acrylic managed to undercoat the inside of this ones mouth, without me having to take the teeth off, I decided to undercoat the inside of the mouth of the other two, before attaching their teeth and sculpting gums. It was much easier.

So, they then went from this,

(featuring my rather fetching, yellow flowery duvet cover)

To this...

I am very happy to have them finished even if they are only simply painted a shiny black (used reeves artistic paint) with simply layered up white for the teeth with a smudgy vaugely checkerboard base.

will post pics of the other creatures and cretins soon.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
My setting and creature notes for these beasties so far.

Made of darkness given form, in appearance they are a huge maw filled with needle thin teeth, suspended on four long spider-like, spindly legs.
They seem to favour twisting young innocents dreams into corrupt visions and feeding off their fear, distress and confusion while they sleep.

Realm - Nightmist

A Realm of restricted vision, dark fog making it so hard to see anything beyond an arms reach. typically only the occasional dark mass passing by or moving towards you, unidentifiable in the gloom as to if it’s friend or foe until its too late.

This realm appears to have some kind of day and night, the fog being illuminated for different periods of time by a bluish moonlight, or a dim mustard yellow light. Some of the realms larger inhabitants are only active during the ‘night’

During the day Nightmist is stone cold silent, footsteps crunch through the dry grass, or squelch into the mud, their noise swallowed by the blanket of mist. A person can hear their own pulse if they stand still. typically the only noise occasionally heard is the sound of insects wings as they fly between small pools of water, distanced far apart.
At night the various denizens awaken and go about their territorial clashes, mating rites and feeding. The skittering, heavy footfalls, roaring and other sounds, greatly at contrast to the daytime calm.

Dreameaters are born and live here, they nest in pairs and over the years raise many young between them, dream eaters are sexless but between them take turns laying and fertilising black spherical eggs the size of golf balls from which several offspring emerge after a time, starting out the size of small spiders within about 1-2 human years they reach adult size and maturity wandering off to create their own nests or find partners.
Dreameaters enter the realm of 'the world' where we live at night, taking sustenance from dreams and nightmares of unknowing mortal victims.

lack of necromunda aaand started painting chaos snails

Sooo, was looking forward to a necromunda league starting up, but the guy who had the shop/club has shut it down... grrr.
This has kind of killed off some of the momentum me and my friend Jonah had, but hoping to get something going between ourselves again soon if we can get more of the players in our group into it, Carl is wanting to get some warhammer going before our saturday roleplay sessions, I may try and join in if they are going to do a series of small games and not just one large points game?

A lack of necromunda has led to other projects getting closer to completion, and digging out models from the depths of storage.
Thanks to a Mr Stephen Dobson sharing this blogpost to the oldhammer facebook group 'Medieval art, Blanche and, obviously, snails' by Rab's geekly digest, and the subsequent chatter/banter in the comment thread about snails, felt inspired to finally get started on with the Scibor chaos snails I've had laying around for awhile.

Ugly little things... but cool. I may use the larger ones as beasts of nurgle?

onto my third session playing D&D 3.5... I didnt die this time and have managed to level up due to shenanigans of the characters trying to get back out of the undermountain after rescuing one of the players who is a leader of the groups mercenary guild they started.
lost one of the characters I was in game getting along with to a Kraken, taking his body out to add to the cart of treasure and 'those to be resurected/reincarnated'

It's been mad... The world of Darkness game I'm running seems to be going alright too, though it is a bit weird and feels at times like I'm running 4 solo games in the same room as the characters so far have no connection to each other and are experiencing different incidents of the otherworld in their life? I may start trying to write these up and possibly post them?
may redesign blog to have a page that I put such on if I decide to try it?

will be posting another entry soon about my fun with finally getting a warband I started 2-3 years ago when I first started to actually try meddling with green stuff properly, based on the creatures I have in the aforementioned World of Darkness game.

be well and ciao =)

Friday, 3 October 2014

Necromunda (oh so close to starting it again)

So me and my friend Jonah ( have joined up with a local venture White Knight Games. About Which Jonah has Written a much better detailed blog post than I feel I could so I'm lazily going to link to it here... (link!)
Hoping to get a Necromunda campaign running when the shop is ready (would have gone down this past thursday but apparently Jonah got a text saying next two weeks it won't be opening =( )
but I have finally gotten around to repainting (and converting a couple of more potential members of) my techy alien bounty hunter gang (as of yet no name) converted from bits of empire militia, imperial guard and tau/kroot bits I'm just running them straight as a Van Saar gang, currently comprised of the Leader (yellow trenchcoat wearing dude called Loki =P ) 2 heavies with heavy plasma guns and a lone ganger with a lasgun, but got all the models in the shot because I can!
the terrain is a piece Jonah has painted up for the club, I thought it made a better prop for set up than just plain old boring tabletop) Also I haven't forgotten about my gang of Dregs, just need to get a few more minis painted and be in the mood for running such craziness.

The Gang.

Hope all  are well, peace and things, Jess.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

stuff and things... been awhile/catch-up, monopoly, poundland guard army of Ashens

in my absence have put together and undercoated a few more empire, organised my 40k chaos (discovering I have more than I thought even after my and Jonahs, backward/forward him taking back some of what he passed on to me ages back, a frequent trading/gift game we seem to play?)
I could manage about 4,000 points in the current edition of 40k, unsure and scared to contemplate what this would be in good old 2nd edition!.
have also made a poundland orientated imperial guard army... wanting an army of something I could take to my friends that I didnt care about enough to carry in a bulky case. I spied some close ('slightly' taller than gw scale) toy soldiers...

and in (almost) all its 'glory'...
(the two toy tanks and 5 command are missing from this shot)

they are rather ugly things... but for £3 a 1000 point (current 7th 40k) isnt bad, even if out of scale.
but some days I'd rather not be carrying a whole case, and these I feel a lack of care for (even if I did give them a bit of brush-love and a wash... really couldn't stand the idea of leaving them all green, though a couple of friends thought that an amusing idea =P

One carry case vs two small tubs... for days when the case seems too big and I want to game.

so far these (obviously inhuman mutant scum rebel) guard have died against a grey knight force.
they mat see action again soon, I bought another pack of pound soldiers got a third tank to paint up and have given myself the great need to put effort into one miniature for this force. I must create a commissar based upon youtube celebrity Ashens, in honour of the source of their purchase.

 random image of Ashens

Last turn of the game where the Grey knights crushed the heretics...

Amongst this madness, the few Roleplay sessions that manage to occur to finish Micki's game, and general chaos with trying to sort out other projects, getting music going again and general life mess, also had the best most mental game of monopoly I've had in a loooong time, hilarious sleep deprivation and jumbled maths/use of the english language...
all aided by it being an Adventure Time monopoly set =) Many thanks to Jonah, Micki, Dave and Wayne.

In the Immortal war chant of Jonah the Ice King "GO TO CANDY KINGDOM!"
(he lost to our friend Wayne)

hope to get more painted, gamed soon =)

be well.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Fun times with Nadia...

So... This is possibly a 'thing'. The foul gods of chaos watch with bemusement as the initial idea forms in Nadia's head... a my little pony toy "I want to give it spikes and horns" Nadia is looking through her chaos marine and knight bits and trying out various ideas, holding horns and spiky spears in position and asking what I think... which is something between, "oh gods why did you get into this weird world of miniatures! I told you it was a strange addiction" "what the hell are you doing to that poor pony..." and "ooh! that looks kinda cool!?"
After explaining that the strange rubbery stuff the toy is made from may not be best to just glue horns to as on top of head its likely they'll knock off easy without also pinning them, I get requested to do so, and am asked if i have a spare base... due to size of the thing i get it a 40mm round and pin one of its feet to the base to help the bonding/fix.
after giving it the horns (managing to place them in rough symmetry to each other) and basing it, Nadia attacks it with paint later adding the spear you can see below...
I leave the room, I think I needed to sleep or something? next time I enter my living room, she grins and shows me her next conversion, all her own work this time... the lumpy space princess from adventure time never looked better, being given a follower of Nurgle vibe... I helped rebase it but yeah... I am kind of impressed by the beautiful madness...

Nadia's Pony and Lumpy Space Princess
 (yes, that is a Necronomicon face inspired loincloth that she gave it...)

I now Want my own Evil Chaos Pony... It could lead these, when I work out what i'm doing with them...
Trollslayer for scale =P

At 20 pence each... I feel a small warband of 'troll' minions led by an evil pony would be awesome and a cheap fun project (give them spears and shields etc) =)

For now, goodbye. Hoping to get more painted on my warband from previous blog post tomorrow =)

Monday, 5 May 2014

Another Chico challenge thats inspired me.

So Chico (Oldhammer On A Budget) set a 'wildcard' challenge, his challenges aren't so much competitions so much as a 'hey! lets paint stuff' motivational exercise. which for me is useful as I often at moment feel a lack of 'up and at em' at times.

I'm currently trying to work on a simplified skirmish wargame so I can use some of the hard to proxy as other things minis on the table and get that good old personal touch and a bit of narrative going as well as create a game thats easier for a friend who collects minis and wants to game with them, but finds the ways of warhammer a bit too pointlessly complex.
For my own purposes I have tried out a song of blades and heroes, which was quite fun, but just felt a bit? like it was missing something, or needed to be a little different somehow? am hoping to get in on the Skulldred beta testing with a few other gaming friends, but awaiting acknowledgement from a certain D. King (King's Minis) on this...

So, What I have so far is this lot, that I'm attempting to incorporate (on the non-robot figures) a bit of a stolen idea from the aforementioned kings minis, which is to drybrush grey over the black undercoat to try and pick out detail and experiment a little more with washes, though for some reason I painted the skin as usual mostly... always next time... not like I don't have several years worth of lead and plastic hiding around the house...

and where I left off last night...

Unsure if I'll be back on with these today, but liking the direction so far.
Peace and a good day/night to you. =)

Monday, 28 April 2014

gah... *flails* not so much burn out...

... as much as 'aaargh life stuff!"
Have wanted to get on with several projects but just not felt up to much, so my eldar languish for yet another touch of the brush... Over the past week I've managed to undercoat and rebase a terminator Librarian (and paint enchanted blue on the shoulder pads!!!) and paint the armour and gun red + blackwash a mantic deadzone orc...
As is sometimes said in step aerobics classes "feel the burn!" wish I bloody could... flat is freezing...

A random photo of the aforementioned cretins... Here's hoping from tomorrow evening some sense of productivity re-emerges!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Stuntie Week - ending of days, time units 6/7

So, not taken photos of my few classic chaos dwarves yet. but met my main goal, 10 new chaos dwarf blunderbusseers, converted (minute work it may be) and painted up, heck even did a little touching up and started basing the previously done ten, so thats 20 at a decent tabletop level and with first layer of basing done... even if basing = painting the texture paint astrogranite grey on them... will drybrush/highlight it soon enough...
sooo, photos of how they've finished off (as saturday i was ill and nought got done)

(click to enlarge image)
close up of finished job

And how they look with the rest of the unit

Well, feeling kind of smily now they're done (to this stage) but miffed that I've run out of the beastman horns I was using, so cannot finish up converting more warriors yet... (there is a seller of just those bits in america definitely, but for the sake of shiping costs think I'll have a look around british bits suppliers...)
not sure when they'll see table as I'm focussing (ha!) more on my empire for fantasy stuff at moment. but have learnt that setting goals to a deadline may be the way to go get things done, plus give more reason to do blog posts documenting progress... 

To Chico, who set this challenge of stuntie week (and likely other such things in the coming weeks) thank you for setting such a simple, yet cool idea in motion (the random challenges) I hope to join in on more of them =)
Link to Chico's Blog - Oldhammer On A Budget

for now, ciao!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Mantic Dwarfs - Giant Feckin' Badgers!!!

I currently have no 'use' for these (but they are cool/cute!) DWARFS RIDING GIANT BADGERS!!!

Stuntie week day 4/5

well, maybe by sunday they'll be reasonably done... not sure if i'm going to get anything done on them on saturday as I'm hoping to be out at a freinds for gaming/catching up on things =)

again, really slow going for some reason... but hey its getting them done!
So heres the two pics of what I've been up to these last two days =)

Also discovered I've not currently got enough horns left over to convert more warriors to chaos, may have to try checking ebay and bits shops =(

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Stuntie Week Day 3 more slow progress...

Like the turtle, steady wins the (non existent) race?

so lessons learnt from the first batch of blunderbus armed conversions... as said in last post, I shortened the barrel before adding the blunderbus barrel-end.

yay for ranking up =)

next up, horns...

(stupid life stuff interupting... I was hoping to have more done by now)
ah well, at least I'm getting things done =)

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Stuntie Week, part deux... actually doing something =P

So the converting begins!
After my lesson learnt from my first skull pass dwarf conversions, that the blunderbus unit doesn't rank up too well. I am shortening the barrels of the rifles before adding the greenstuff to make the cone/fluted barrel end? (you may gather I lack some knowledge of firearms)
A bit of a weak 2nd day too. but I managed to get the following cutting/before and afters done.

 before the de-horning.

and then minus horns + shortened barrel
9 more for the unit =) once greenstuffed and painted anyway...

Monday, 7 April 2014

Stuntie week... pt 1 the weak beginning

So, I am going to try and join in on Stuntie Week, a challenge for the week suggested by Chico on his blog (link to article )

Was a bit ill this day and distracted by music meddlings and house cleaning.
but atleast have pics of what I have so far (minus the hellcannon-like conversion, I'll photo that if I get the crew/wardens finished?) hoping by end of week to photo whats left of my classic big hat chaos dwarfs. I made them into a war band for a song of blades and heroes though that game has hardly been played round here, it was fun, and also aiming to convert at least 9-10 more blunderbusses, and if possible a few more warriors...

random assortment of close up pics below... (click to enlarge)

Friday, 4 April 2014

from the ancient dusts of time! an old conversion!

Whilst going through my boxes of miniatures and random bits boxes, I occasionally make little discoveries and randomly thought I'd make it a 'thing' every now and then to post random pics of my oldest miniatures, conversions and other oddities, probably shortly after rediscovering them.

First up, this Todd McFarlane's Spawn inspired conversion.
(click on pics to enlargen)

This was created I think, somewhere between 97 and 99
Back from my youthful days when I was still in school...

..and has survived quite well all things considered.

The cape is a very early attempt at using milliput
(oh look at those lovely fingerprints, though I can't say i've improved much...)

I don't think I intended to use it in games, and it may be my first unintentional diorama
definitely a first scenic base. (featuring bits from the 90's plastic skeleton kit, one of the first plastic
chaos space marine legs and may have been on the cut off base from the warhammer quest
bats glued on top of the round base?...)

One of the things I did after retrieving it from its tomb in a bits box, was to paint the base edge
black. I never liked the 'paint the edges a darker shade of/or same colour as the top' thing and after doing so on my first miniatures when I was taught how to paint, decided to stop when I started doing my own thing. I prefer a black edge, for some reason I feel it makes a miniature look more like a display piece than a game token.

The other thing I did was to replace the missing left hand with a plastic catachan hand... 
I need to redo the paint job to match though, the newer coats on the hand don't match the older paint at the minute... bit too much yellow in the mix?

The head is one of the old plastic skeleton heads, the base figure is an Eversor assassin,
and the chains are from Kharn the Betrayer.

It's been a fun discovery... I am looking forward to locating some of the other few creations that have survived the years (and maybe neatening them up a little before taking pics, or perhaps doing before and after shots?)

Until next time, peace and happy gaming =)