Update, Been A Bit Busy. Nothing amasing to report.

Hello! have been a bit busy on the jobhunt/trying to get voluntary work front and getting back into music production again recently.

Over the past few weeks I have managed to procure the Empire army book finally, so I can start to sort out the various bits I have been on and off collecting for the past few years. I worked out so far just over 3000 points of troops! (I really didn't know how much I had... and this is with only using characters at hero level, not lord level, and without magic items)

Started painting base colours on more goblins and the pikachu grots. On the note of painting... digging out the empire troops I had forgotten one of my biggest mistakes... Lesson of the day... using plastikote glossy black spray paint is not a good substitute for gw or army painter spraypaint... It worked out for my 4th ed tyranids and some dark eldar that I wanted glossy... but when sprayed too closely in a rush on empire troops, it looks a bit odd and means that most of my empire hand gunners and spearmen are going to be a wee bit devoid of some details... thankfully none of my characters were sprayed back then (this was 3-4 years ago that they were sprayed...)

Hopefully I'll have something interesting to post soon?

all the best to any readers with their own hobby stuff. Yours, Jess.