The Dancer (finished)

So, painted up and ready for pirouettes of doom and slaughter... somewhere...?
not sure if it'll end up in a random warband, or just be used as visual material to describe a horrifying gonzo destruction monster in some roleplaying game or other...
I present.
The Dancer.

Going to be interesting eventually coming up for a back story for this creature... (wherever its from, theres probably more of them...)

And I'll end with a random shot for scale against a trollslayer, as it was the only reasonable mini I had to hand. (yep this thing is on a 40mm base)


  1. I like it. Nicely twisted. I just have one question: Why isn't the dress pink?

    1. =D ha! well... it was... but I thought red suited the occasion better =)

  2. I really like the idea. Twisted and weird in a nice way. Makes me think of Tsutomu NIhei's work if you're into japanese mangas.
    Really good and definietly worth building a good backstory.

    1. hmm, may check out artist (when I do I'll likely thank you/comment again about it)
      Also cheers!

  3. very beautiful and interesting result O_O great job!


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