Fuzzies rpg idea - concept sketches

So I had an Idea for an old school gonzo dungeon crawl one off roleplaying game for my gaming group, set in a twisted town sized themepark...
Due to one of members associating 'gonzo' as a famous puppets name, as opposed to the dictionary term.

I ended up redoing the small setting for the game focusing on another world/an alternate earth, one occupied by a race that to us would appear to be sentient puppets called Fuzzies.

These creatures of human-like, through to anthropomorphic and monstrous visages, live in The Big City. Hardly anything bad happens there, and some of the populace grow restless with desires for more adventurous thrills.

Luckily there is a vast, cursed theme park on the city outskirts for such individuals to go risk their lives for fame and glory within the underground community that has grown around the escapades done within the twisted wreck of Fairy Cartoon Theme Park Land.


  1. That last guy is the true embodiment of "murder hobo" !

    1. hahaa! I really need to come up with names. so far all I have is that the last guy has a mild phobia/rage about small white rabbits. Sometimes heard mumbling something about "a vicious streak a mile wide!"

  2. Hobo with a sledgehammer!


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