Alien Bounty Hunter - aka random colour test

A random conversion of Genestealer + termagant arms with a pistol holster, grenade and random pouches... I just went with the idea whilst putting it together.
It was made predominantly to test what certain colours would look like after gloss varnishing.
(I only recently started to varnish my models as I found a poundshop/dollarstore that has a good quantity of it to slowly stock up on from)
Short post, but its been awhile =)
Now... back to finishing of the tyranid army painting, hopefully be done in a day or two, again, just a 'to tabletop' level of painting going on.


  1. Black and gloss work well and that gu has a good "videodrome" vibe ! I would suggest varnishing the head another way though just so you get other properties and because gloss looks like crap on flesh (personnal opinion I welcome you to reject if you don't agree but I had to say it).
    The added holster and simple conversion really take the genestealer from "utter alien" to "space stranger" and I really like that.

    This give sme the will to try a few things with black and gloss actually... (implying miniatures and modelling I mean).

    1. glossy black things are indeed awesome (regardless of source lol)
      in this case though, its actually a really dark blue (kantor blue from current gw range, drybrushed over a shiny artist acrylic, before the gloss varnish.
      as this is a test mini and I'm curious about it... I may try to paint on a satin or matt (i forget which I have) varnish to see the difference? on head and pouches/holster.

  2. i dont think i would have enough patience for stuff like that ^^

    1. patience for which bit?
      sorry lost on your context. =)


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