slowly getting players into my Sayari setting

So I found a rules-lite dungeon crawl system with the rather 'classy' name of 'MurderHobos'
Its a tongue in cheek thing aimed predominantly at raiding dungeons, killing things and getting gold.
To get a general gist of the core system and what its about just read the description on DriveThruRPG it sort of says it all!

My tale of joy was discovering this thanks to the madness of one Tim Harper on the youtube rpg brigade page on facebook. I took a bit of a glimpse at the 6 pages and realised I had found the perfect rules light system for my own setting of a predominantly fantasy nature, that I had been wanting to run games in, on days the planned games of my group, couldn't go ahead due to occasional inability to get everyone together to run the larger games (illness, work commitments, lack of travel funds etc)
so far have 3 player characters done, 3 more exist as concepts that players have but havent yet gotten down to writing down/playing and have only run two solo sessions.

The World of Sayari is a gm directed/dictated (mwuh ha ha haa I have godlike powers!), co-operatively created setting, with the players asked what sort of thing they'd like to play, limited at moment to the 4 classes in the original rules set and the two I've so far added, and with a focus on the already existing races I've created, but with some leeway for new suggestions.
For example, I had no oriental alike cultures, it was predominantly celtic/aboriginal/medieval sort of thing, but as soon as I got players involved, the first two to create characters wanted oriental leanings in appearance, or to be a ninja... thus was born two new cultures... aside from these another player wanted a ninja/throwing stars, the latest player has throwing 'crosses', so pretty much throwing stars, and another has wanted to play a ninja, but to move a little away from the pure oriental theme, wants it to be a ninja-pirate... the despair/giggles this caused have been amusing.

If you have an account on Obsidian Portal the wiki for the 'Tales of Sayari' can be found with this link -, It is very much a work in progress and due to slow going of getting games going, may be awhile before much is done to complete all the information pages on races/cultures etc. so far have had two games.
One in May 2014. The most recent yesterday, 2nd of March 2015... only 8 months apart =P

I'll post the adventures so far as two seperate blog posts following this one so as not to fill screen with too much text in one go. And once I've finished meddling with rules, thanks to the original being a creative commons affair, I'll likely get it all typed up and put out there for download.