Aliens! Tyranids! Infestation and Invasion of an Outpost Colony

So, like many for years I have wanted to play a game or series of games based around the 'Aliens' movie.
Colonial Marines battling to survive against a tide of vicious nasties is awesome (as well as the cool idol of Ellen Ripley)
With my trying to push my games group back to the sinful simplicities of 3rd edition 40k, I have been slowly acquiring the codices/codex's from the thrice cursed ebay... taunter of my small budget and greedy desires for more miniatures...
going through my 3rd/4th edition Tyranids and random Guard collection I appear to have about 1,800 points of tyranids (with a few more points I could add on via biomorphs) and about 650 points of Imperial Guard... currently trying to acquire some more cheap as possible cadians and a few more tyranid warriors to control the swarm.
I have a basilisk for the guard... not quite fitting for the campaign I'm planning, but I am thinking of making some A.P.C. alike counts as chimera tanks

For the scenario, I want to set it before the Macragge assault, before the tyranids were as well known as they now are.
On a distant outpost planet some scientists go to explore a crashed hulk, and get infected by genestealers. when they get back to the outpost they quarantine themselves, eventually quarantining the whole sci-block.
After communications break down, and the response "we're still collating" starts to cause panic, rumours and suspicion. A team is sent to investigate, arriving to discover the whole sci-block dead and come under attack of the genestealers the scientist/hybrids had started to sneak into base on their missions to learn more about the infection.
(The genestealers having killed the hybrids/cult as they had come under the power of the hive mind of a small incoming splinter fleet)
As the guard report the incursion on the ground, the astropath detects disturbances in the warp and hopefully sends out an s.o.s. in time before the planet is entirely cut off.
then a battle for survival will ensue, the guard discovering the outposts shuttles have been sabbotaged and hoping they can survive until reinforcements appear or until they can repair a shuttle and try to escape.
Am hoping this fuels me enough to try and get on with some more scifi scenery and perhaps once campaign is written up invite over some of my games group to play it out at mine with pizza, curries and alcohol interspersing the "game over man! GAME OVER!" and other such quotation.

If it  works out I'm going to use the Terminator future war (get on with painting necrons) and predator movies (probably homebrew some random gribbly or use 2nd ed rules + a lictor?) as further inspiration to get on with painting and making things.
Back to looking at maps of Hadley's Hope and pics of the Colonial marine props for colour scheme stealing =)


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