Tuesday, 30 December 2014

End of 2014 (and 2 days of nurgle stuffs)

It's a not great pic... (none of them are, but I felt a need to document it, will hope to get better pic taken soon.) but yay! (bad) tabletop standard painted Nurgle force!

All year have been trying to get different projects complete but with shifting focus and bouts of complete motivational lack (health and stuff) have kinda struggled.

I got the vast majority of my empire done (all but one unit of foot-troops and some warmachines in a 3000-ish point army) and got started on my eldar (finally) as well as a couple of warbands for a song of blades and heroes and a random necromunda gang, so not bad, I just could have done better.

But yeah! I completed one thing over these past two days (admittedly to a shoddy tabletop standard) my Nurgle army! these miniatures are a combination of minis a friend (Jonah/Stygianheart @ ) gave me, as he'd converted them up possibly five or more years ago and only dry brushed upto white on the ones he'd done, whilst 6 of the unconverted plague marines, the 2 characters, terminators and dreadnought, I added from random ebay lots this year and from my acquiring the marines from the last edition (or previous to last) of 40k (black reach?) about 3 years ago and had started converting them to chaos.
If my games group end up picking up on 40k again I am likely to dig these out and finish up/neaten the paintjobs then.

I still have a random bunch of conversions and bad paintjobs from previous chaos armies, still lurking in boxes and hope to get a khorne force put together at some point in time... much like a mirror to my warhammer fantasy really, as I have a half done nurgle army for that and miniatures laying about to put together a khorne force too. (all miniature hobbyists seems to end up with too many projects to finish, especially after over 15+ years hoarding...)

anyway a few more not great pictures to close post with will follow, and if you read this in time, have a happy new years eve celebrating the incoming of 2015, and may your new year be excellent to you!
 - Jess =)