Tuesday, 12 November 2013

So... I keep undercoating things...

I may not have actually painted anything... but I have put together the night goblin spider riders, the giant thats been sat on the sprue for the past 3 years I've owned it and under coated the above and almost everything in my goblin army... as well as 45 empire handgunners, 35 empire spearmen, some cannon crew and a couple of old plastic wizards...
so atleast |I've got some prep work done if nothing else?...

I really need to sort some stuff out for ebay too... I own way too many spacemarines that much is for certain!

went over to Leeds earlier for a job interview, ended up picking up a few new chessex speckled dice from Travelling Man, so at least it wasn't a wasted journey =P

peace and hopefully a more interesting update soon!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

been away too long! aaargh stuff!

Finally... making a start on miniature things again... had a couple of small games for the unfortunately failed to kick off escalation league using my chaos dwarfs... but other than that mostly been roleplaying in the vampire requiem in rome game, my mekhet egyptian scribe is doing well, and so far my germanic gangrel 'witch' is still alive, as well as discovering the horror that the 'North Man' can cause...

Anyway, back to miniatures, have just removed my stonehaven miniatures gnomes from
their packing, them being sat in their box since the posty delivered them.
And finally started organising the bits for my nightgoblin spider riders with bows...

 I decided that converting them into a seated pose was more effort than it's worth as I'm mostly just wanting these as a functional army and aren't overly on the extreme bothered about their aesthetics. So am standing them around the area the original forest goblins were, which is going to require shaving down the rear of the robes a little, but nothing too intense.

Really been wanting for the past couple of weeks to be getting on with things, but have had a lot of motivational issues.
current list of hopeful plans in order of priority...
1. PAINT SOMETHING!!! likely a couple of gnomes to get back into things, or perhaps get a couple of eldar done?
2. get the night goblin spider riders put together! possibly get the giant I've had in kit form since purchased ages ago put together and undercoated?
3. get back on with escalation league plans for empire... even if the league doesnt take off. It's a good way to organise units when painting.
4. keep bloody smiling! =D

Hope to post again with some more productive update! smiles and stuff, Jessica.