Monday, 30 September 2013

Oooh! Bits!!! and Stuff!

Have been going through miniatures bits for first time in awhile due to rearranging my flat/apartment, and have found the parts I was using to convert my chaos dwarfs again, so hoping to get on with some of that later this week.

Also thinking for the future of getting some of Mantic games Abyssal Dwarf Half-breeds (link - Abyssal-Dwarf-Halfbreeds) as for £20 you get 10! yes 10! of the evil things! which is good to me as I have found it a pain trying to work out a halfway decent looking conversion for the bull centaurs.

Also the night goblin spider riders I was trying to get on with a looong time ago... I have had parts for ages, just been on off trying to work out an easy conversion that isn't too time consuming or require too much sculpting... I seem to be failing in that so may end up having to cut the bodies in two and scratch build legs, which I really didn't want to have to do out of laziness and not feeling that good on the sculpting front. shall see what happens in future ??

Other than that, missed out on a fair bit of roleplay due to illness, but my re-jigging the Barbarians of lemuria rules into something I find comfortable is coming along nicely =)

pleasant gaming, Jessica.