Friday, 19 July 2013

I AM ZOMBIE! 11 days to go on kickstarter

So the Great and Glorious Mark Rein-Hagen of White Wolf fame, (Vampire the Masquerade, Werewolf the Apocalypse, Mage the Awakening amongst others) has a new RPG in the works...

He and his company are trying to crowd fund the project via one of the better such sites Kickstarter.
(Link here! -

"The world is poised at the brink of an abyss. The final outbreak is coming. You are a leper, outcast and contagious. YOU ARE ZOMBIE!"

Basically yeah, that is the premise! As a character in this game you are a one in a thousand zombie, one who has retained their consciousness or their soul somehow, and carries the contagion within them.

They are called Toxics, due to the plague within them, and live in the outskirts of civilization. Trying not to draw attention to themselves due to an organisations like the CDC and B.L.E.A.C.H. out there wanting to eradicate them for the disease they contain, and to hide from the rest of the world that such things as zombies are real.

It's an interesting twist on the horror survival genre, the players technically being the stereotypical horror element. The secret organisations being the other (though there are likely more)

Character creation is done using a set of cards, which is interesting, and the game uses pool mechanics typically adding two stats together from whichever card is appropriate and rolling the relevant number of D6, successes being 5+

If this brief ramble of a blog post interests you in the slightest, go check out the kickstarter page which has much more info (in a much more well written manner) and has links to several promo videos! =P

So... 11 Days, 4,500$ to go... every little helps! sally forth and spread the plague!

ALSO!!! they are looking for actors/extras for this project! want to be in a Zombie short movie?
follow the link

Game On! Jessica =)

Sunday, 14 July 2013

2nd session of don't rest your head + update stuff...

Again, I'm only typing up my characters section of the game.
*start scene*
As Danny, I went back to my temporary room failing to sleep as always...
After an hour or so, I heard my sister talking to someone again and there was a lot of quiet giggling, coming from the room she is in next to mine.
Sneaking out of my room, I listen at her door again to find out if I can hear anything... There are many voices of young girls speaking with my sister, and laughing, but I cannot hear what they say... I quickly turn the handle and walk in shouting "what are you doing" as I enter. Just as I enter I see a number of girls standing with my sister by the door I thought I'd imagined. In the darkness of the room I notice all of them look at me in shock before they dive through the open 'other' door and take my sister with them.
I immediately give chase, following straight after them through the strange door. I knew I'd heard something!, and if they think they can take my sister from me they have another thing coming to them...
I get through the door and run after them along the corridor, as we get out into the open again, I notice they are ahead of me, not too far, and they are heading towards a large building... I keep chasing, not bothering to look at my surroundings as I'm focused more on getting my sister back from... who-ever they are...
As I get close to the boundary of the buildings grounds I feel a hand grab a hold of me and pull me aside.
At the same time as I get to see the face of the kindly looking old man, I am already shouting at him "get the fuck off me! I'm trying to get to my sister!" I try to struggle against his grip but he is too strong.
The old man with his grip still firm on me, speaks. "you do not go in there, those are the ladies in hating"... I stare blankly at him.. "what? they've just taken my sister! what the hell are you on about?" he calmly yet quickly responds "I'll help you get her back, but first, we must go elsewhere". "er, where?" I question... again the old man speaks "back to my place for now" "look dude... I'm not into that kind of stuff, I've just ran through a strange door in an orphanage, I need to get back there with my sister cause I don't want anyone to know anything weirds going on, and I don't understand whats going on" "you can't get your sister right now she's been taken by the ladies in hating"
I pause briefly after this last utterance from the man...
"okay, just tell me who the hell they are? so I understand why I can't go there..." I ask in something bordering on desperation.
He matter of factly informs me "They are the students of mother when..." in a confused and questioning tone "what the hell are you on about?" I say. "It's a long story" the man says, then continues "but first, you must come with me" Getting gradually more weirded out by the guy I reply to this latest request "you try anything weird and I know martial arts, don't even think about it" again... calmly he speaks "that's fine, for now, you can call me Grandfather" I interrupt him "erm?" as he continues "everyone does" I ask "do you have a different name?" "I did, but I don't remember it. It's been so long since anyone's used it" almost as though speaking to myself I say "god... it's like one of those guys off the tube" Grandfather, since this is apparently his name starts up again "first we must get the others" "others?" I question wondering what further madness the old guy is going to spout... "yes" he states...
I ask, almost not wanting to know his likely odd response "are these like friends of yours or what?" "not yet, they will be..." at this I groan, then he continues "...just like you will be" In my mind I just push aside the fact that this guy is clearly a nutcase, but if he knows something about why I can't go there, and I'm not liking the intensity that this guys sort of got with his grip and everything. I'm not wanting to get murdered, raped or whatever else by some weird old guy, when I don't even know where I am. I relent to following him where he leads me...
*end session for me*

I really liked this game, but it is on indefinite hiatus as the person Gm'ing it doesn't seem to know where to take the game from here, which is a shame... =(
My other friends pathfinder game which I was playing in as Kendra, a human fighter/adventurer from a gypsy tribe, is also on hiatus after a few weeks of various players being unable to make it and another of our group starting up season two of the vampire game set in rome/carthage and germania around the start of the 1st punic war...
The group has had a couple of sessions of that, which I may start typing up here? Here's the link to the campaign on Obsidian Portal = Obsidian Portal - Vitae et Mortem

I'm also currently still a part of the Vtmyte, youtube vampire game and planning the setting for a world of darkness game I'm wanting to run - Obsidian Portal - The Damned

Aaand on the miniatures front, got various things I want to get back on with, but ALSO a freind has put forward the challenge of creating or purchasing, and painting a figure for each of the eight character classes of the Warhammer 40,000 Dark Heresy roleplaying game. should be fun...

Happy gaming, yours Jessica. =)