Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Getting back into pathfinder! and awaiting Nightgoblins!

Arabella Bloodwillow - Painted and Converted by Me
Static Grass Application and Photography by Jonah @ Meandering Shade

 YES! It's been awhile, but it looks like my gaming group are getting back to the Beyond The Wardwall story my friend Jonah is running! [Link to the Beyond the Wardwall page on Obsidian Portal]
I get to continue my role as Arabella Bloodwillow =)

Arabella wears a wooden mask that has large iron spikes embedded upon its surface when fighting. when out travelling or exploring, she wears this mask on her head like a cap, ready to tip it forward over her face as she reaches for her flail, when trouble bears itself in her direction.
When not covered in goblin blood and looking like an evil psychopath, she is actually a rather caring and friendly person, who likes to keep busy and indulge in partying and drinking when not working, exploring or sleeping. loves listening to new stories…
(more about her and the other characters in the characters section of the Beyond the Wardwall page linked above)

She is fresh to adventuring, previously working with her sisters as guards for merchants and traders between nearby towns and villages to her home town. She grew up in her families tavern hearing the stories and tales of dragons and mazes full of riches from passing adventurers, which inspired her to take up such a life herself. She has learnt on this, her first outing far beyond where she has been before, that adventuring is much nastier, dirtier work than the stories led her to believe... So far she has been chased across the moors by a large group of goblins and several goblin dogs that had barricaded the road, had the ruined stairs of an ancient stone building collapse under her (saving her from the goblin dogs), crawled through tiny dirt passages into an underground cave, nearly falling to her death into a deep underground lake... been scared witless by ghostly noises and thrown pebbles which turned out to be mites... walked a good few miles across fields and roads caked in mud and mite blood to get to the town where she met a few fellow adventurers, who she followed to a town called missing mile that scared her terribly due to it's washed out grey-ness (it's a gnome thing) and most recently survived/fled an invasion of goblins and trolls in the town she was in, and is currently sat on a wall at a farm stead amidst a sea of bodies having met up with her fellow adventurers again... the reality that adventuring doesn't seem to be all about gold, monster slaying and fame is beginning to sink in to the poor traumatised thing... and it's about to get uglier and darker from this point apparently... =(
Really looking forward to it, as traumatic as it may be.

On the wargaming front. I have on order a box of nightgoblins to convert into spider riders with bows, squig herders and some to use as netters...
hopefully they'll arrive this coming weekend and then next week I can get on with cutting and positioning things to see what, if anything, needs making from scratch for the little guys to sit upon the spiders?

Until then... Some pics of work in progress chaos warriors and sorcerer =)