Yulemas Ogre...

"he sees you when you're sleeping... 
rips off your teddys head..."

Not excellently painted, but I've finally got it done =)
Scibor Ogre Santa.
Purchased it from the trolltrader at somepoint in the middle of the year and really wanted it painted up to use as a decoration. It may be a day later than desired but at least he is finished to an 'okay' level... may neaten him up at a later date... currently wondering what I can put him with to create a small warband with.


  1. Ha! Love it, I'd been interested to see what kind of back story you ascribe to this rather angry looking chap :-)

    I notice you described yourself as 'creative' and 'on a budget', you may just be interested in my fledgling narrative shoestring oldhammer blog http://www.ramshacklefort.blogspot.co.uk/

    All the best

    1. =) yeah... if this angry santa finds his way into anything it'll be fun figuring out the background as it will depend upon whatever he gets teamed up with.
      consider your blog followed.

      wishing you a good day, Jessica.

  2. That's a well good model, and nicely painted. How did you go about doing the red?

    1. lol... I hope this isn't too dissapointing a reply...

      For years now I generally use the same approach to doing a basic red (I add actual highlights/shading when I'm putting in more effort!)

      over a black undercoat I just drybrush blood red in a few successive layers until it looks about right. Then go over the raised details using blood red and a fine detail brush. The colour layers over itself really nicely and when done like this has a bit of a grim, grungey look to it...

      on this model the only addition I did was drybrush a bit of skull-white on the edges of the coat near the ground. The model is by a company call Scibor, they have a few 'interestingly' themed miniatures. I really want to get the dwarf cupid at some point =P


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