Tuesday, 11 December 2012

woohoo, back to doing stuff!

Brief glimpse of works in progress... more grots for the scavvy gang, the first goblin of my grey-skin goblin army and some unfinished kroot lurking in the background...

speaking of lurking in the background...

I have had this beautiful old thing for years. It has never encountered the tabletop and isz a bit out of scale for the newer games... the current greater daemon of Tzeentch being about twice the size!
am planning on stripping it, remaking the missing right foot, (as my earlier attempt looks a bit thin at the front and flat, plus I could do better now) and arming it with a staff or something... possibly to use with my chaos dwarves in fanticide? only time will tell... Anyway! to kitchen now as my kettle awaits... then paintbrushes and stuff!

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