Not been too active on the hobby front.

Been a bit off for the past week and a bit, so have been distracting myself with films and other pursuits, hopefully be getting back on with things this coming week.

Am currently laid on a sofa at my friends Micki and Jonah's (go have a glance at his gaming blog over at Meandering Shade  =P )

I came over on saturday to catch up with a few friends I haven't seen for awhile in the group and to do some roleplay. I got there later than I wanted due to health problems (never fun...) and after a few moments of calming down a bit and re-orientating myself to the rooms new layout, I sat down to find out what was going on for the evening. Those who weren't sorting out their high elves/dwarves or knitting, were interested in me running my goblin game, so I tried to pick up where I left it last and add in Dave's character Mignon.

After stumbling around trying to get it to the same pace I last ran it, discovered that a combination of painful belly-ache and trying to navigate the various conversations that were going on at same time meant I couldn't focus enough to make it work, and we ended up stopping it.

My friend Craig left shortly after this, wayne carried on with his writing, Jonah, Hana and Micki carried on with what they'd been doing and the rest proceeded to have a fun game of warhammer, Carl and James using high elves and dwarfs, I think with a bretonian sorceress. Versus Dave with his vampire counts and Gregs orcs and goblins... unsure of points but it was pretty big... no terrain or boards were used they just set up 24" apart on the table and started.
Dave and Greg came out victorious.

Was fun seeing everyone as I've missed a weekend, haven't seen Dave for abit and haven't seen Carl and Hana for months. Was a bit weird Micki and Jonah's eldest two not being there... but would have likely been more chaotic (as today proved when they came back from their grandparents)...

Today has been quite lazy (for me) helped move the sofa and tables towards the window a bit, chatted with Carl and Hana before they left and briefly with Wayne when he dropped in...

other than that... checking out ebay, facebook and twitter, chatting with Micki and Jonah and watching Jonah start work on the Settlers of Catan tiles we are putting together for a freinds Yule gift.

There was also sleeping somewhere in there?...