No painting today, just sorting out necrons and stuff.

Nothing much done regarding painting... but I've dug out my slowly acquired classic necrons (Ebay I <3 you!)

34 warriors, 5 immortals, 8 scarabs + not pictured, 2 necron lords and 3 destroyers.

Looking to get them organised into 2nd edition (have about 2000pts worth) and 3rd edition forces (I think its a little over the 1000pts mark for that?).

3rd edition may seem an odd one, but for the sake of quick uncomplicated games it's a good choice, also as a freind who's kids are into the painting side of the hobby want to play the game, but have pretty low attention spans and don't like waiting too long before it's their turn again, it again seems ideal.

Trying to work through my collected miniatures and hobby stuff to have a bit of a clear out on ebay around the new year...

Have currently sorted out a reasonably sized starter force worth of space marines I no longer need, an un-opened copy of the limited release of spacehulk + foam specially designed for the miniatures and a barely used copy of the battle of five armies.
(regarding spacehulk, this version is fun, but I prefer playing the 2nd version)

If anyone reads this, I have a question. If selling a force of space marines would it be worth painting all up as one chapter? also would it be better selling all together as one lot or as several lots of squads and characters?

Hopefully be in the mood to get on with more goblin stuff tomorrow and get back onto writing background stuff for the roleplaying games I'm running/planning to run.

Hope everyone is keeping away from the wintry ills, all the best, Jessica.