Grot and Goblin update

Managed to get eight of the dregs/grots painted up now...

Also finally started painting up my goblins. I've been meaning to get on with them ever since finishing the trolls. I'm quite liking the colour scheme so far for them.
Focussing on trying to get them game ready, rather than amazingly painted, partly because I'm fed up of having so many unstarted/unfinished projects, partly because I don't seem to have the focus at moment to give them my full attention... I'm wanting to get out some of the reaper character miniatures to give a bit more time to at some point soonish.

Anyway... random couple of pics of Work In Progress Goblins, 1 archer unit and 2 shamans.

And a rear view of the shaman on the left...

Really loving the yellow mushies =)

Any comments are appreciated, Hope people are having fun, Jess.