Follower Appreciation 001 =)

Howdy! thought I'd do one of these since I have a few people following now, Spreading the love or such? =)

Firstly friends from the world offline...

Stygianheart, currently has two blogs after realising that my reason for having two made sense =) His gaming orientated blog is 'Meandering Shade' where he shares various tips as well as chatting about what he's upto and posting the obligatory pics of pretty (and much better painted than mine) miniatures, and 'Pull Back the Masque' which is his more personal blog roughly comprising the fun, frolicks and madness of bieng a family man, a creative individual and living with depression.

Craig McClung, started up the blog 'MrPedantic is Attempting to be Creative' that was to be about his slowly working through the miniatures he is getting from the reaper bones kickstarter... but since he isn't to be receiving them for awhile he has opened it to whatever creative pursuits he gets going with. He started to have a go at working on a map for a city he has imagined but hasn't yet updated how progress is going with it. Personally I am looking forward to seeing how it's going.

People with gaming related blogs!

Stug, mostly blogs about military vehicle kits on their blog 'Armoured Fighting Vehicle' but also has some interesting scratch builds including 'this walker vehicle' there are a few other posts about this creation on his blog if you wish to see how he started it and the finished, painted product.

The Laughing Ferret's blog [], has a wonderfully varied content spanning a number of fantasy and sci-fi gaming lines. some fantastic conversions and characterful bloodbowl teams. Also has some good taste in music =)

Tony Maher, A Barnsleyite (Barnsleyites should totally be a race in some weird sci-fi game), he co-writes 'Miasma of Pestilence' with a friend (tom) on their hobby adventures. It's Games Workshop only from what I've read and mostly has features on Chaos Marines. (no complaints from me, my first and favoured are Chaos)

Colonel Scipio's blog 'Palladian Guard' covers mostly imperial/rebel guard and world war II. (also someone who also actually enjoys the background of the game! yay)

Headologist writes 'Do You Have A Flag' which is a fair amount of 40k, some WWII and other miniatures with a hint of roleplaying mentioned in the mix... just started following them as of writing this, so looking forward to seeing what they have been upto in their coming posts. (and another who also enjoys the background fluff =) though not entirely a surprise as him and the above Colonel seem to be acquainted and of thankfully similar mindset)

Non-gaming bloggers...

DeeSpookyOne, not sure if she meant to follow this blog or my other one, but her blog 'DeeSpookyOne' is full of cool, gothy arts and crafts as well as serving as a bit of a journal.

Zendra Zink, Is a Floridian Gothy individual who via 'Drones and Drabbles' communicates and documents odd bits and bobs about her life and experiences in the goth/gothic culture.

And the people who are currently blogless.
(or atleast don't have links to their blogs in their profiles)

Adamcore, Santo1246, Davey, SpaceCowboy,

I would like to say cheers for following and hope I aren't boring people to bits... I'm likely to mostly be painting and or posting random miniature pics up for a bit, maybe the odd conversion step by step if any occur, but there isn't too much gaming going on at the moment due to time of year and various illnesses/plagues etc going around.

Many thanks, yours, Jessica.


  1. Cheers, always good to see what other peeps find interesting :)


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