Thursday, 22 November 2012

Yay! chaos cultists!

Just gotten my first miniatures from the new chaos marine range =)
thanks to a bearded young gentleman and some good timing, as he was about to buy all three they had in stock. but he let me have a box as he was also looking at some other items. I thanked him muchly and now am looking forward to putting them together at some point soon... hoping to finish off the trolls I finally started painting last night.

also after random chatting and link sharing over skype with Jonah @MeanderingShade, I've been inspired by a pic of an Ork stompa made up and painted to look like a Pikachu...

click image to enlarge

and may soon be making a scavvy gang composed primarily of grots (painted alike to the above stompa, rosy cheeks and everything) with the slaver that comes in box used as a scaly and squigs as plague zombies. =)

Oh happy times they cometh!

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  1. Glad you managed to get some cultists, they're really nice miniatures...

    Looking forward to facing off against those Skavvies too.


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