Troll Conversion numero 2!

Finally gotten around to converting another of the four! (on a lesser note... woo! 10th post!)
Set out much like the first reaper troll conversion... pics and ramblings on what went on.
(again, apologies for not so fantastic photography, but it's best I can manage)

Pre-Amputation Shot

After giving the original a stone ball on chain I was thinking of giving this one a large club or axe to wield two-handed (though as seen later on, the ball and chain approach appears to have become the unifying weapon of the unit)
To get the left arm into the right position, I needed to move it forward a bit...


After meddling about to get the pose right and then pinning and gluing in place, I find a suitable piece to turn into the weapon haft (an unused ogre kingdoms banner pole, after removing the original ogre hand and cutting it down a bit)
Realise while doing this that the hands need turning at the wrists to better grip the weapon... so to picture three.

"Look Ma! No Hands!..."

Pin and glue hands in place, help to support them gluing in the right position by gluing the haft in the desired position at same time... I then had to cut down the gap between the first and second fingers of each hand to separate them and glue them in a more grip-like fashion to the haft.

After the bond has dried I proceed to add a ball of greenstuff (to later carve into a more rough stone shape) and a length of chain to the weapon haft as I couldn't find a decent axe head to use and felt after briefly pondering over it, that maybe arming the whole unit with the same sort off armament would help unify them visually and thematically.
(edit: also filled in the gaps in the joins where i'd cut and repositioned parts)

I'm liking where these guys are going =)

Pose Before and After Comparison

I'm hoping to get on with the other two soon.
Definitely a worthwhile purchase for me and it's been fun... I may actually do more than a simple re-positioning of the arms and arming them with one of the others... currently nurturing the idea of having one with it's mouth open in a growl?...
I'll see what happens as I don't hugely put much planning into these conversions...
Until next time, take care, Jessica.