Pikachu Grots... the tale of the DRegs Begins... =P

Oh dear... yes I am pleased how it has worked out so far...

I have the idea (so far...) that they are a genetically designed 'pet'/'toy' that was designed for rich noble children uphive, but went a bit awol or maybe their malicious 'pranks' weren't appreciated by the noble families or their aides. So all units were dumped into the underhive or maybe their creator escaped with a few of the originals to the underhive so he could keep creating more of his children.

I envision them as some kind of cybernetic creation made by some mechanical components used as organs and a modified brain/control centre within a fleshy body made from a mix of genetic material originally sourced from various specimens the imperium had encountered then mixed and grown in vats.

Rules wise I am going to be using them in Necromunda as Scavvies. The rule about being able to eat a gang member to avoid starvation representing the fact that they are currently being manufactured using cheaper/less quality underhive components that break often, so if the creds can't be spent to get repairs for each unit, a unit can be sacrificed to share it's parts... also cost to recruit is more cost to build etc.

still not sure if I'm going to be converting the slaver into a scaly type or the troll slugdrool from skull pass? also really need to get some squigs to use as plague zombies/chompers...

Anyway... two down, lots to go!


  1. I love 'em... nothing more I can say... they worked out better than i imagined...

    1. currently getting the ork/scaly set up with a speargun =)
      also, many thanks =)

  2. They are great little guys, super idea. I figured out what they reminded me of finally: http://www.readthespirit.com/explore/wp-content/uploads/sites/16/2013/03/wpid-0803_JF_Sebastian_and_toy_solder_in_Blade_Runner.jpg

    1. aces! love the little clockwork guys =)

  3. These are cool, very recognisable. Great stuff.


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