Fanticide - product review 01 - everything but the rules

Finally had a flick through the book and other bits!

Really like the feel of this game setting wise. First off, the quality of the book is wonderful, gorgeous illustrations on good quality paper. I haven't read much of the mechanics yet as I'm slowly letting it sink in as I try and figure out a chaos dwarf warband using the warband creation rules in the back of the book... I think the only problem I have is that the four factions fully detailed in the book (fae, centaurs, creeps and flying monkeys) are rather unique and thus for playtest purposes I have only two of each race miniatures wise which isnt enough. I may use some stand-in models to try and use the main races as a test then fully sort out the chaos dwarfs.
My main interest in this game is my love of small skirmishes and the eccentric, eclectic setting, with it's potential using the warband creator to put ones own mark on the world. Myself and my friend Jonah had recently had a couple of games using 'Song of Blades and Heroes' which were fun but a bit time consuming with all the activation roles, and frequency of failing to activate units, dragging the games on a bit. but we loved the ability to design your own warbands in it, allowing the fielding of eclectic groups of miniatures from various companies that would otherwise either sit collecting dust or be used once or twice in roleplay.
so once I've figured out some decent stand in miniatures or worked out a reasonable looking force, out of my small collection of chaos dwarfs. I hope to come back with more on the mechanics front...

Back to review type rambling. After the quality of the book, the activation deck of cards is a bit weak. Though pretty reasonable, they are quite thin and repetitive use may wear them rather quickly... I guess at this point only time will tell. they have a colour print on the back of the fanticide logo and on the facing side have a black and white print detailing what unit type can activate or what event takes place. Which takes me to one of my favourite things from the kickstarter, The Unicorn =)
One of the activation card events summons a bloodthirsty (yes kids! bloodthirsty!) unicorn to the table. stampeding in a frenzy through whatever it comes across. The unicorn model given with the kickstarter is a rather cool little beast, good quality pewter, pretty and vicious looking.
Not shown in the not so great photo at top of article are the four spell templates. Three are wall effects with a peg that lets them stand up, the fourth is an area affect swirly cloud template. All are made out of a decent thick plastic, coloured to represent it's effect. One Icy blue wall, one orange fiery wall, another wall grey/black with skulls on it and finally the misty grey cloud shaped template.

Onto the miniatures.

 Liberi Centaurs, Satyrs, Flying Monkeys + Fae Hagstone in background

The two Creeps + The Unicorn

I got two of the liberi centaurs, two creeps, two satyrs from the fae and two flying monkeys! (one of which has a rifle, I am glad of this as I really wanted one of the rifle armed ones. To quote radiohead "just because")
the miniatures are well cast, some flash and moldline to remove but nothing excessive. They are sculpted in an old school style. No details beyond what is necessary and, other than monkeys, are all single piece miniatures. Muscle definition is subtle, proportions (exempting creepers) are rather realistic. Minimal dress detail, feathers, waistcoats, etc is given. I like the simplicity and look forward to eventually painting them. My only real downer on these is that the Liberi centaurs legs being as thin as they are means they bend relatively easy. This is good one way as they will likely need to be bent straight once removed from packaging, not so good if it happens by dropping them or if stored positioned badly in a foam tray in a case.
All models come with the horrid (in my opinion) flat bases I associate with historical gaming more than fantasy, each to their own... I'm currently a fan of the rounded lipped edge bases, though likely be using standard fantasy sloped edge rectangular bases a la warhammer.
The Hagstone is a resin two piece miniature/piece of terrain. Again, simple details for the most part, a couple of fingerprints scattered about make this the least professional of the miniatures but the body strapped down to the stone slab is rather well done.
Looking forward to playing this soonish, in the meantime hoping to get a game or two of warhammer played against some of the others tomorrow. I'll be using my chaos dwarfs =).
Sweet dreams of bloodthirsty unicorns, yours, Jessica.


  1. I'm still awaiting the arrival of my copy, I'm really looking forward to trying it out though...

  2. yeah, hopefully yours will arrive this week. I'm hoping to read through it this coming week and figure the rules out. it doesn't seem horribly complicated which is a good start =)


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