Digging out the old gang...

My old Van Saar Gang =)
Yes those are Escher models and two Mordian Iron Guard, I hope you aren't the type to be fussed with someone running alternate models to the norm. I wanted a motley crew of wild mostly 'femme fatale' gun slingers and technology bodgers/hackers...

I loved the 80's scifi/punky/2000AD style of the Escher miniatures, and the Butch uniform, attitude of the Mordians, so replaced the Escher leader (now converted into a Barbarian/fighter for use in roleplay "Link to Pic") with an Iron Guard sergeant with added flamer and added one with a lasgun in as a ganger.

Decided to get them out and touch up/neaten the old paintjobs and maybe get a few games played at some point...

Gang Leader, Heavy and a few Gangers

Juves And Gangers

In the last game I played with them one of the Juves earned the prefix "Pretty" to her name (according to that opponent it was Bianca...) as she was heavily mauled, losing a few fingers getting a leg damaged and becoming so hideously scarred she caused fear... I really want to find the old character sheet to re-hire her...


  1. My Goliaths are itching to make more of your gang as "pretty" as Bianca...

    1. lol... I'm thinking of mixing them up by adding some tau/kroot converted gangers in... or see if I have any other mutant/alien miniatures that fit in? either that or try and get the heavy with the plasma gun and run it like most others chose to as a a heavy plasma gun?


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