Trying to sort out spares and get on with things

Over the years it's sort of horrifying how much random bits, spares and unfinished projects one can accrue.
This is a pic of mostly chaos marines that need putting together that I got from a friend and various other bits and bobs that I'm trying to sort out. This photo only shows somewhere between a quarter and a third of the spares and bits/unsorted boxes that I'm trying to sort through (I haven't had things organised for awhile asides from my mostly finished armies).

Also worked out a couple of 600 point forces of night goblins that I hope to be getting on with soon.
Current things I am trying to get sorted, Finish off the chaos marine force I started in last edition for this one. get a decent set of chaos forces put together out of my older models specifically for playing 2nd edition 40,000.
Get the other Reaper bones trolls converted (when they arrive) for my night goblins and get them all painted up in 600 point(ish) allotments.
Dig out necromunda gangs and give them a bit of new paint and try getting some games in with my freinds as we have been discussing it for awhile.
Do more conversions and painting for my chaos dwarves.
And most important of all... try and get rid of atleast a small box or two of things I really don't need anymore...

(Other things I want to get back on with include, more scenery, carrying on making my 2nd ed spacehulk tiles, a rather large empire army, ogre kingdoms, and various forces for 40,000... this list not including roleplaying and other interests)
Being in the hobby for over 17 years seems to have led to way too many things on the go at once. just hope blogging about things helps get on with them.

Wish me luck... Yours, Jessica.