Reaper cave troll conversion up soon!

Currently in midst of troll converting. Hoping to post later tonight the results proper.
but so far...

Its an interesting material to work with. Seems like my plan to make a unit of trolls for my night goblins, using the bones range reaper cave troll may be a good one. Just going to be spending a bit of time converting them each into different poses...
The last test I have for it is to see how well it gets on with greenstuff =)
Have decided to base it on a 40mm round base so I can also use it in roleplay/skirmish games... for warhammer it's likely going to be on a movement tray anyway so wont matter too much what its base shape is.
really hope the greenstuff likes the polymer model.


  1. Our conversation the other day about this miniature and working with this material has me interested.

    Can't wait to see how this goes.



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