Sunday, 19 April 2015

Bridges! From toy train track to Grimdark future war...

A good while ago I spied some bridges in a local Wilkinsons store. Made for those wooden train tracks I and many may have had in their youth, I saw the blue plastic supports and instantly thought "ooh! I NEED these".
Due to very tight budget of the time I decided against it (even though they are only £1.25 each, priorities still delayed my purchase)
But NOW I have them, and hope to get some buildings made to scale/level up with the bridge platforms.
From start to end photos and short description of procedures =)

First pic is of one bridge dis-assembled (though the screws aren't in shot)
one bridge intact, and the two remnants of old bed slats I had that were the same thickness as the original train track. I also use pva glue and some shorter screws (again, not pictured, I am a bit terrible at this photographing progress thing)

 I used a hacksaw to cut the wood to fit the length of the bridges and use a stanley knife to split a section away lengthwise leaving roughly 50mm width to accommodate 40mm based minis, that may be in odd poses + aid placing/moving miniatures.

Next up is a pic of the pieces put together and compared with the unmodified original.
I had to cut some white plastic tubing to act as a spacer to aid in rescrewing the top and bottom of the bridge together, I also glued the wooden slat platform to the plastic girder sections and used some short screw to replace the longer original screws, as I wasn't drilling the holes into the wood and only needed minimal depth into the wood to aid the solidity of the structure as well as for details sake to fill the hole where the original screw was.

After a touch of Paint =)

And some random shots with minis.

And one to show width and fit for miniatures.

Hoping perhaps to get a game at home soon?

Til then... slowly catching up with the painting of things and need to organise some more games with friends in games group.
Be well, bye for now. =)

Thursday, 9 April 2015

First game of 3rd ed 40k in ages Plague Marines vs Orks

Had a small 500 point 3rd edition game of Warhammer 40,000 on tuesday.

My Nurgle Marines versus a friends Orks. Due to some hideous dice rolling, My blessed of nurgle were rather quickly decorating the battle field as putrid rotty smears...

Played the recon mission, meaning extra points if having your units in enemy deployment.
deployment zones are 18" across each side of board and players place a unit at a time, each time making sure it is 24" atleast, away from any of the previously placed opponent units.

the orks had;
a boss in mega armour,
2 units of boys (one slugga boys, 1 shootas)
1 unit of lootas with 4 needle sniper rifles and 1 missile launcher (he decided on marine scout weapons, I used have a unit of lootas armed devastator style)
and 1 unit of 3 bikes
(I forget the unit sizes for the boys and lootas...)

I had;
a Nurgle sorcerer
2 units of 9 plague marines each having a marine carrying a meltagun and a champion.

I had one unit sort of hiding behind a hill (brave I know!) with the other and the sorcerer ready to walk down the flank to enter his deployment.

his units occupying the centre and far right (to me) of the board.

what followed was 3 turns of failed saves and rolls to hit on my part I took out a biker and 2 boys... one of his took themself out effectively, as a looter misfired his sniper rifle... probably pointing the barrel the wrong way...

the 4th (and early) last turn his boss and mob of slugga boys charged into my then only remain plague marines, them having walked up onto the hill in a previous turn to try and shoot 'something' (probably at the floor...) I took out two boys in the combat, but was floored by the ferocity of a bucnch of hooligan 'ere we go' chanters.

redoing my 500 point list and hoping to have another go this weekend =)

pictured below... the plague marines last stand...