Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Some Tyranids nearly finished, and a Necron Challenge.

A few days ago I managed to get a number of my tyranids pretty much finished.
(I'm basing the army once they are all painted)
This Saturday I hope to be playing my friend Carl as he knew I had a necron army and wanted to try playing against one (i'm assuming with his grey knights). Thing is, I do have a necron army... but its all unpainted, predominantly oldschool, 90's Necrons.
I acquired some of the newer miniatures awhile back from someone getting rids of their stuff.
current discovery of pain, I'm finding some of the cretins a bit fiddly to put together, and having to bodge repair a characters missing fingers with a knife blade (it'll do)
Just waiting until the morning to get the lot spray undercoated, then begin the challenge...
Which is, work out what I can put into 1,500 points, and get it painted to a three colour tabletop standard by saturday. *fingers crossed*

until tomorrow/fridays post on the necrons, heres some pics of the nids.


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