Tuesday, 23 June 2015

failed personal challenge... and no game... but roleplay was good

well, I failed my paint challenge due to a combo of illness, and discovering that the necron doomsday ark is a nightmare to put together ( I ended up leaving some bits off, partly as they covered some details that I liked, partly becasue I feel it would have made it look more like a sportscar inspired weapon of death than an alien machine inspired by egyptian boats and partly because I was getting fed up of having to undercoat/paint bits before gluing them together)
I ended up an hour late to my friends, where me and another had aimed to be playing, so had to put off game to possibly next weekend, maybe one after.. but hey, he got me to get on with the army I've been collecting for a few years, all sat paint stripped and/or, unbuilt. with some newer models gifted as part of someones clear out.
but hey! atleast the majority of them are now with paint on them! even if incomplete!
I'll post pics once completed, they are a funky mix of older metals and new plastics... I even discovered I own my first finecast miniature, though it was put together by previous owner and for some reason missing part of its gauntlet, I can have Imhotekh the stormlord leading the force.
still trying to get a good bid on a monolith, though that'll have to wait awhile as I owe money to people...
roleplay on the saturday, our motley crew of ne'er do wells blocked a pass as part of a campaign against some banite zhentarim under the command of one of the manshuns? manchoons? (spelling is probably wrong) this faerun our gm is running is a very different landscape to the one in the books =)

our boss, currently having the form of a balor (think balrog from middle earth) threatening the orc, goblin and bugbears guarding the pass to join us or die, followed by my gob-gnomes moving towards them shaking a fist and going "niaurgh!" in some sort of provocative act of aggression was followed by a mad explosion of charging, shouting, clashes of weapons, spells and flames... at some point I managed to stab a troll before it was killed by another...
was a crazy session. I'm just amused that pretty much all I managed was to shake a fist and get one hit in...

Of my groups roleplay on the mondays... I may start typing that up as its own thing, its been fun... had a close call this week with my cleric getting jumped on by goblins. one of them being a literal it jumped on me.

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