Sunday, 26 October 2014

lack of necromunda aaand started painting chaos snails

Sooo, was looking forward to a necromunda league starting up, but the guy who had the shop/club has shut it down... grrr.
This has kind of killed off some of the momentum me and my friend Jonah had, but hoping to get something going between ourselves again soon if we can get more of the players in our group into it, Carl is wanting to get some warhammer going before our saturday roleplay sessions, I may try and join in if they are going to do a series of small games and not just one large points game?

A lack of necromunda has led to other projects getting closer to completion, and digging out models from the depths of storage.
Thanks to a Mr Stephen Dobson sharing this blogpost to the oldhammer facebook group 'Medieval art, Blanche and, obviously, snails' by Rab's geekly digest, and the subsequent chatter/banter in the comment thread about snails, felt inspired to finally get started on with the Scibor chaos snails I've had laying around for awhile.

Ugly little things... but cool. I may use the larger ones as beasts of nurgle?

onto my third session playing D&D 3.5... I didnt die this time and have managed to level up due to shenanigans of the characters trying to get back out of the undermountain after rescuing one of the players who is a leader of the groups mercenary guild they started.
lost one of the characters I was in game getting along with to a Kraken, taking his body out to add to the cart of treasure and 'those to be resurected/reincarnated'

It's been mad... The world of Darkness game I'm running seems to be going alright too, though it is a bit weird and feels at times like I'm running 4 solo games in the same room as the characters so far have no connection to each other and are experiencing different incidents of the otherworld in their life? I may start trying to write these up and possibly post them?
may redesign blog to have a page that I put such on if I decide to try it?

will be posting another entry soon about my fun with finally getting a warband I started 2-3 years ago when I first started to actually try meddling with green stuff properly, based on the creatures I have in the aforementioned World of Darkness game.

be well and ciao =)

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