Sunday, 17 August 2014

stuff and things... been awhile/catch-up, monopoly, poundland guard army of Ashens

in my absence have put together and undercoated a few more empire, organised my 40k chaos (discovering I have more than I thought even after my and Jonahs, backward/forward him taking back some of what he passed on to me ages back, a frequent trading/gift game we seem to play?)
I could manage about 4,000 points in the current edition of 40k, unsure and scared to contemplate what this would be in good old 2nd edition!.
have also made a poundland orientated imperial guard army... wanting an army of something I could take to my friends that I didnt care about enough to carry in a bulky case. I spied some close ('slightly' taller than gw scale) toy soldiers...

and in (almost) all its 'glory'...
(the two toy tanks and 5 command are missing from this shot)

they are rather ugly things... but for £3 a 1000 point (current 7th 40k) isnt bad, even if out of scale.
but some days I'd rather not be carrying a whole case, and these I feel a lack of care for (even if I did give them a bit of brush-love and a wash... really couldn't stand the idea of leaving them all green, though a couple of friends thought that an amusing idea =P

One carry case vs two small tubs... for days when the case seems too big and I want to game.

so far these (obviously inhuman mutant scum rebel) guard have died against a grey knight force.
they mat see action again soon, I bought another pack of pound soldiers got a third tank to paint up and have given myself the great need to put effort into one miniature for this force. I must create a commissar based upon youtube celebrity Ashens, in honour of the source of their purchase.

 random image of Ashens

Last turn of the game where the Grey knights crushed the heretics...

Amongst this madness, the few Roleplay sessions that manage to occur to finish Micki's game, and general chaos with trying to sort out other projects, getting music going again and general life mess, also had the best most mental game of monopoly I've had in a loooong time, hilarious sleep deprivation and jumbled maths/use of the english language...
all aided by it being an Adventure Time monopoly set =) Many thanks to Jonah, Micki, Dave and Wayne.

In the Immortal war chant of Jonah the Ice King "GO TO CANDY KINGDOM!"
(he lost to our friend Wayne)

hope to get more painted, gamed soon =)

be well.

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