Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Fun times with Nadia...

So... This is possibly a 'thing'. The foul gods of chaos watch with bemusement as the initial idea forms in Nadia's head... a my little pony toy "I want to give it spikes and horns" Nadia is looking through her chaos marine and knight bits and trying out various ideas, holding horns and spiky spears in position and asking what I think... which is something between, "oh gods why did you get into this weird world of miniatures! I told you it was a strange addiction" "what the hell are you doing to that poor pony..." and "ooh! that looks kinda cool!?"
After explaining that the strange rubbery stuff the toy is made from may not be best to just glue horns to as on top of head its likely they'll knock off easy without also pinning them, I get requested to do so, and am asked if i have a spare base... due to size of the thing i get it a 40mm round and pin one of its feet to the base to help the bonding/fix.
after giving it the horns (managing to place them in rough symmetry to each other) and basing it, Nadia attacks it with paint later adding the spear you can see below...
I leave the room, I think I needed to sleep or something? next time I enter my living room, she grins and shows me her next conversion, all her own work this time... the lumpy space princess from adventure time never looked better, being given a follower of Nurgle vibe... I helped rebase it but yeah... I am kind of impressed by the beautiful madness...

Nadia's Pony and Lumpy Space Princess
 (yes, that is a Necronomicon face inspired loincloth that she gave it...)

I now Want my own Evil Chaos Pony... It could lead these, when I work out what i'm doing with them...
Trollslayer for scale =P

At 20 pence each... I feel a small warband of 'troll' minions led by an evil pony would be awesome and a cheap fun project (give them spears and shields etc) =)

For now, goodbye. Hoping to get more painted on my warband from previous blog post tomorrow =)


  1. I really like that My Little Pony :)

    1. before she left Nadia was saying... "but what about lumpy space princess!" my opinion is even as a follower/representative of great father Nurgle, she's too hot for you =P
      also yeah... totally doing this to a pony myself...

  2. Oh dear my poor fragile mind is now damaged forever heh, It's one step away from starting up Hello Kitty Marines (Yes i know they already been done but still)

    1. ha! yeah... some of the silly marine stuff I've seen I like... even the hello kitty stuff, but some of it is like... aaaaaaargh! why! but I've probably had weirder ideas... I still want to do a soft-toy type mars pattern warhound at some point before I die...


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