Monday, 5 May 2014

Another Chico challenge thats inspired me.

So Chico (Oldhammer On A Budget) set a 'wildcard' challenge, his challenges aren't so much competitions so much as a 'hey! lets paint stuff' motivational exercise. which for me is useful as I often at moment feel a lack of 'up and at em' at times.

I'm currently trying to work on a simplified skirmish wargame so I can use some of the hard to proxy as other things minis on the table and get that good old personal touch and a bit of narrative going as well as create a game thats easier for a friend who collects minis and wants to game with them, but finds the ways of warhammer a bit too pointlessly complex.
For my own purposes I have tried out a song of blades and heroes, which was quite fun, but just felt a bit? like it was missing something, or needed to be a little different somehow? am hoping to get in on the Skulldred beta testing with a few other gaming friends, but awaiting acknowledgement from a certain D. King (King's Minis) on this...

So, What I have so far is this lot, that I'm attempting to incorporate (on the non-robot figures) a bit of a stolen idea from the aforementioned kings minis, which is to drybrush grey over the black undercoat to try and pick out detail and experiment a little more with washes, though for some reason I painted the skin as usual mostly... always next time... not like I don't have several years worth of lead and plastic hiding around the house...

and where I left off last night...

Unsure if I'll be back on with these today, but liking the direction so far.
Peace and a good day/night to you. =)

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