Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Youtube, Blogger and Facebook... A return...

SOOO! illness, social madness and family things... and sometimes gaming... but I have returned! =P

I will post to no apparent schedule, but am generally more active on facebook, both on my page of mixed gaming things (link - Neon Pink Apokalypse) and on the Youtube RPG Brigade page (link - Youtube RPG Brigade)

Hoping get into making a dungeon level to add to Tim Harpers Mega Dungeon RPG Community Project (the previous link takes you to his blogpost on the idea) it sounds fun =) shall post here and on my youtube about this if I get it done soon. (link to channel - Neon Pink Apokalypse)

as I last stated have been slowly getting on with the empire (will add a couple of photos below) but the goblins have been put on hold, and am instead painting up a few small forces of eldar for 2nd edition warhammer 40,000 and slowly getting on with the mantic ork marauders I was given for christmas by a freind to join in on deadzone with at some point...

The post following this will be a start to current state of painting of my first scratchbuilt miniature =)

Anyway, with a mind to these being painted only to a basic, rough tabletop standard, here be my painted empire so far (includes some half done ones, the flash appears to have wiped out the griminess off the black/brown wash I used though...)

A bit rough, but thankfully table worthy and rescued as best as I could from my bout of mad gloss black spraying... peace and good gaming to all. =)


Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated and I'll respond as soon as I can.

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