Thursday, 29 August 2013

On being an idiot and forgetting to take pics + escalation league sort of starting

I would have posted up a brief battle report of my 250pts game, my Chaos Dwarves vs my friend Carls Dwarves... but I only realised I hadn't been documenting it/taking pics, when it got to the last turn...
I managed a win... just.
Chaos Armour... all the cool kids are wearing it...

hopefully get more than one game in before roleplay this week, sort of depends on what times people get to my friends house where we meet.
Still not sure what Jonah is using through this escalation game... but the list as follows (depending on if people turn up/get involved) Is
Me! - Chaos Dwarves,
Carl - Dwarves
Micki - High Elves
Pete - Dark Elves or Wood Elves? (not sure what they decided...)
Craig - Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch
Jonah - ??? (probably, nightgoblins, empire, orcs or chaos... or maybe elves... yeah aka, something...)
Greg - Orcs and Goblins
Dave - Vampire Counts (away on holiday for a few weeks)
James - Lizardmen (also away in is home town, then visiting relatives in canada)
Wayne - Ogre Kingdoms.

So a good number of us, although there is the general competitive HAA! I WON! kind of thing,
we don't seem to have had any plans beyond that for this 'league' of escalation, other than using it as an excuse for a few of us to get some of our armies painted up and completed to a reasonable points bracket, currently going by the 3 colours and based thing (where possible... even in that ruling we are being a bit open)

hopefully I'll get some photos to share this weekend. =)


  1. Yeah... I still have no idea what I'd like to concentrate on for the campaign.

    1. I vote empire or nightgoblins... why? why not?


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