Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I'd forgotten how bizarrely abstract 3rd ed was

I'd forgotten how bizarrely abstract 3rd ed was...
Awhile ago I promised to have a game of Warhammer 40K with my friends daughters...
Due to some social weirdness and several bouts of illness their way and mine, time passed and it never occurred.
Well last week, one of them (Dagan) brought up the fact that we hadn't had this game, so organised to play her on thursday.

Due to me not playing it in ages and her not really playing before, Jonah [Meandering Shade] helped with setting things up (I was going to just set up 24" away from each other roll to see who went first, and play to wipe out the opponent. he reminded me of the books missions and the standard bieng cleanse and purge) and whilst he was doing other things me and him discussed rules and mechanics that we had forgotten.

The fact that in 3rd ed there was no running (exempting eldar and maybe some tyranids?) was a bit of a nuisance, not so much for me, but for Dagan. I was using 10 marines led by a veteran sergeant with power sword and two marines swapped bolters for 1 plasma gun and 1 missile launcher. she alternated between games with twenty slugga boys with two replacing weapons with big shootas, and then swapping out four orks for two nobs with big choppas and dropping the bigshootas (we are aware this put the ork units to 'illegal' unit size but it was a 200 point practice game essentially. we had several games (unsure of how many) with only slightly more wins my way... power armour is insane without its armour save modified (all hail 2nd ed!)

so no armour modifiers... just ap value, some armies not having many high (low?) ap destroying weapons, no running (at least in the black codex in the rulebook, I'm sure the eldar and tyranids got an ability to move in the assault phase added in in the codexes/codices), no overwatch and the re-introduction of psychic powers as simple mechanics (mainly ranged attacks and re-rolls) without the card mechanics of dark millenium.

Going to have a look at what other force lists and forces I can bash together.
(I need another excuse to get on with things as games of warhammer have lessened again... more focus on roleplay and me turning up later to my freinds most of time on our saturday group meet ups)

3rd edition 40k may be akin to a gridless boardgame... but screw it, I still love the odd game of snakes and ladders!

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