Monday, 22 April 2013

Don't Rest Your Head - part 01

Just played in my 1st session of the roleplaying game 'Don't Rest Your Head'. I'm still not a 100% with the mechanics/system, but I think I get it enough to play =)

(There may be some minor discrepancies in this, but once I get ahold of the recording of the session I'll edit any errors.)

The following is written from the perspective of my character (Darren Smith - 16 year old gamer, looks after his alcoholic mother and his younger sister)

I had just stopped my mum trying to commit suicide, and as she got taken away by paramedics, me and my sister were taken to a care home for the night, possible for a while depending on what goes on in the morning/next day... at some point in the night I hear chattery noises and my sister talking to someone? in the next room. I sneak out of my room and listen in through the door hearing between the mumbly whispers, her say to her companion "I can't go with you, I'm not allowed" at which point I turn the handle and walk in... to a silent room... the bed is empty, I instinctively check under the bed where she usually hides. not there. I check the wardrobe she isn't there. panicking a little, wondering where she is I notice a small door in the wall. it won't open so I kick at the lock area managing to split the door... shoving the damaged bits to the side I shout "charlie! are in there?" the dank musty darkness echoes my words... a bit scared I leave the room to get a warden or night carer to help me find her, once I find one and tell them charlie is missing, they follow me back to the room whilst telling me the building is locked so she can't have leaved.
when we enter I see that the small door isn't there. the warden asks if I checked under the bed I tell him thats the first place I checked and tell the rest of what happened indicating where the small door was that I looked through, there is no sign it ever was there...
I ask where the door has gone, the warden tells me there aren't any doors like the one I describe on the premises. I apologise feeling confused and stupid and say it must be the stress... can we check the security tapes to see where she went?
The warden leads the way to the security room, we watch the tape. the tape distorts and turns to static... I see shadows move within the static briefly before the tape returns to the normal view. "what happened there?" I ask the warden, who responds quickly with "must have been interference." A few seconds later I appear on screen, sneaking towards the door of the room they've put my sister in, and pausing before opening the door. several moment pass and I re-emerge, fast forwarding to me and the warden entering then both of us leaving again...
I ask if we can keep looking for my sister, and ask again if the care home is definitely locked up at night... to which the warden says yes to both.
Because we didn't see her leave the room on the camera, me and the warden go back to re-check the room charlie was in, as we go he asks if there's any where she might go...
I tell him, she might try and go home... but we didn't see her leave the room and you did say the building is locked up... we near the room charlie was in...
The door is slightly open. upon entering Charlie asks what I'm doing in her room. "where were you! we were looking for you!.. I heard you talking to someone, but when i came to check on you, you'd gone" charlie looks a bit weirdly at me...
I was here all night, I haven't been anywhere?" "you were talking to someone like they were asking you to go somewhere with them? I walked into the room and you weren't here, me and the warden here looked for you and couldn't find you!" "what warden..." at these words I look behind me... there is no one there... shaking my head I tell charlie to go back to bed... I must be stressed out or something... I go back to the room I've been given and lay down...still unable to sleep as I try and figure out what the heck has just happened...

The Game is run by my friend Craig and the other players are Peter, Jonah and Micki... I'll write more about their characters in the next post about this...


  1. Never heard of that game, did a quick research and well that game seems fun. Sounds like a David Lynch movie or some other of the mindfuck genre.
    I'm pretty curious how this continues.

    1. for the most part we are all curious.
      next session is on monday. I'll likely write it up from my characters perspective again, maybe add notes on what happens to the others too?


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