Sunday, 27 January 2013

Spider Rider issues...

Soo... about the goblin army. 
I thought I was a few models to paint away from having a basecoated 600 pts patrol complete... a couple of archers, 6 fanatics and ten spider riders with BOWS... it was when I picked the riders out of the box that I realised that, "oh yeah... they come with spears... I should go buy one of the multi-part kits so I can arm a unit with bows, and add the ones with spears later"
After a brief chat with my friend Jonah ( and a hunt around the net I discovered, the box set just allows you to pose the spider legs and some of the spearmens arms... although! Wow! there is a bow and quiver (yes, just the one) in the set as an accessory...
Jonah Apparently converted his using spare bows from the nightgoblin unit boxset.
I had been considering getting this to get the netters and convert some squig herders from, as well as add to my bits box. It now seems I have a better excuse to get one now, to sort out my spider riders.
The thing is I am now considering for the ease of conversion, to just try replace the forest goblins with nightgoblins as my army is predominantly nightgoblin orientated so would help them fit thematically, as well the fact that I don't fancy having to carve off the moulded on shield arms and arms holding the spears of the forest goblins to sculpt on new arms and patch up the torso, when just mounting ten nightgoblins would be far easier, just meddling with the legs, or sculpting the lower half of the goblin in a sat pose. robes with feet poking out the bottom being much easier to sculpt than arms!
Watch this space for whenever I can get on with it, at least it's given me another conversion project to blog about in the near future.
*le sigh*
Here's the rough out of the list I am wanting to use with the spider riders as well as the 2nd part of the force I am working on (I like making small armies as a project goal, that I can then merge into larger forces at a later date once they are all complete)

Hunting Party - 600 pts
2x night goblin shamans = 100

20 night goblin archers inc full command = 165
3 night goblin fanatics

20 night goblin archers inc full command = 165
3 night goblin fanatics

10 forest goblin spider riders with bows and full command =170

Marching Horde - 600 pts
1 x night goblin hero + light armour and shield = 34

1 x night goblin shaman = 50

57 night goblin spearmen horde inc full command = 276
3 night goblin fanatics

15 night goblin archers inc full command = 150
3 night goblin fanatics

2 x stone trolls = 90

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